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3 K Blade and Soul Gold

3.000 gold for Blade and Soul

This service provides 3.000 Blade and Soul gold. You don't have to spend more time with grinding, you can just freely spend your gold on any Blade and Soul item you like! If you don't have time playing and farming Blade and Soul gold use our safe gold delivery services.

We do cover the Blade and Soul Marketplace fee, that means you need to put up your items for the ordered amount of gold plus 4%. To make your listing unique please set a few copper more so we can find the item easier.
Please make sure you list multiple items.

Example for an order for 100 Gold:
1st item: (23Gx1.04)+4Copper
2nd item: (24Gx1.04)+8Copper
3rd item: (26Gx1.04)+6Copper
4th item: (27Gx1.04)+9Copper

The Blade and Soul delivery time given is an estimated time for the completion of transaction.

Shipping time: 24 - 36h

Categories: Gold 

from: 101.14 USD
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