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Doom Cryptic Axe - Ethereal - 330-369% ED

A runeword in ethereal base with Holy Freeze aura and at least 330% ED.

Two-Hand Damage: 218-1091 (varies)
(Base Two-Hand Damage: 49-225)
Required Level: 67
Required Strength: 122
Required Dexterity: 73
Durability: 33
Polearm Class - Fast Attack Speed

Rune Order: Hel + Ohm + Um + Lo + Cham
5% Chance To Cast Level 18 Volcano On Striking
Level 12 Holy Freeze Aura When Equipped
+2 To All Skills
+45% Increased Attack Speed
+330-369% Enhanced Damage (varies)
-(40-60)% To Enemy Cold Resistance (varies)
20% Deadly Strike
25% Chance of Open Wounds
Prevent Monster Heal
Freezes Target +3
Requirements -20%
Ethereal (Cannot Be Repaired), Socketed (5)

Categories: Doom  Ethereal  Polearm  Runeword 

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