Barbarian Gear Upgrade Service: DPS GLOBE Barb build (Greater rift 75+) /

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Barbarian Gear Upgrade Service: DPS GLOBE Barb build (Greater rift 75+)

Barbarian  Gear Upgrade  Service 

DPS GLOBE Barb build items ( Some items may come in Ancient quality ):

- Head: Helm of the Wastes
- Shoulders: Mantle of Channeling
- Amulet: Hellfire Amulet / Eye of the Etlich / Talisman of Aranoch / Countess Julia's Cameo / The Flavor of Time / Mara's Kaleidoscope / The Star of Azkaranth / Xephirian Amulet
- Chest: Aquila Cuirass
- Bracer: Nemesis Bracers
- Gloves: Gauntlet of the Wastes
- Belt: Pride of Cassius
- Pants: Tasset of the Wastes
- Boots: Sabaton of the Wastes
- Ring1:  Oculus Ring
- Ring2:  Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac
- Weapons: Bul-Khatos's Solemn Vow, Bul Khatos's Warrior Blood
- Follower: Templar / Enchantress / Scoundrel with Unity and Enchanting Favor Relic

Kanai's Cube Passives:
- Solanium
- Chilanik's Chain
- Band of Might

Legendary Gems:
- Iceblink ( rank 25 )
- Esoteric Alteration ( rank 25 )
- Gem of Efficacious Toxin ( rank 25 )

DPS GLOBE Barb build Spells and Passives:

- Ancient Spear with Rage Flip rune
- Whirlwind with Hurricane rune
- Ground Stomp with Jarring Slam rune
- Ignore Pain with Mob Rule rune
- Threatening Shout with Falter rune
- War Cry with Hardened Wrath rune

Passives are : Superstition, Pound of Flesh, Inspiring Presence, Weapon Master

Shipping time: 7 days (Softcore Realm)
Shipping time: 15 days (Hardcore Realm)

We're going to play on your character and keep every useful item that can be counted as gear upgrade, obtaining higher damage, more toughness so you can easily play on Greater Rift 75+ difficulty by the end of the service.  The character will receive some of random legendary items in their stash, minimum paragon 350 level, all gem and craft plans, some of materials, rift and trial keystones.

When purchasing this product you will get a service which only contains the time invested in getting it. The picture shown is only for informational purposes and remains the property of their creator and owner. During the service we do not use any third party automatization softwares.
Our company is not affiliated with any game studios.

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