High-End Account -Ancient Quality Zunimassa Gargantuan Witch Doctor - Greater Rift 90+ /

Diablo 3 RoS

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High-End Account -Ancient Quality Zunimassa Gargantuan Witch Doctor - Greater Rift 90+

Exclusive Account  Witch Doctor 

You will recieve this random High-End character on a random Diablo 3 ROS account where we guarantee a fix minimum stat. After you made the purchase we will create this character to you in 12-24hours delivery time. Build will be:



The stats will be:


Minimum paragon 1300 at NON-SEASON or paragon 800 at SEASON
Minimum paragon 1200 at NON-SEASON HARDCORE or paragon 650 at SEASON HARDCORE 
Minimum level50 legendary gems at Softcore realm and minimum level30 legendary gems at Hardcore realm
All items will be ancient quality
Tons of crafting materials, greater rift keystones, ramaladnis.
3 items in kanai's cube passive
Follower with Unity, Oculus and cannot die Relic
The rolls will follow what the build require, in details you can find it.
Every account contains a Season or Non-Seasonal Barbarian with ANCIENT Whirlwind Gear


Example for the SEASONAL materials, leggems, ramaladnis, etc.:


Example for the NON-SEASONAL materials, leggems, ramaladnis, etc.:



You will receive this character on a RANDOM Diablo 3 ROS account, the character name is random aswell. This Diablo 3 account was not rollbacked so you can change your battle-tag once. You will also receive the CD Keys (Classic+Ros) added to this account, e-mail password, real name and the security answer too.


Zunimassa Gargantuan Witch Doctor's stat priority (we cannot guarantee all the stats, the final build may miss a few, less important):


Head - Zunimassa's Vision:
Intelligence-> Vitality -> Critical hit chance -> Socket, Secondary Resist
Shoulders - Corruption:
Intelligence-> Vitality -> Area Damage -> %Gargantuan Damage, Secondary Resist
Amulet - The Traveler's Pledge:
%Cold damage -> Socket -> Critical hit chance -> Critical hit damage -> Intelligence
Chest - Zunimassa's Marrow:
Intelligence-> Vitality -> %Gargantuan Damage -> 3Socket -> Armor , Secondary Resist
Bracers - Lakumba's Ornament:
%Cold Damage -> Intelligence-> Vitality -> Critical hit chance, Secondary Resist
Gloves - Tasker and Theo:
Intelligence-> Critical hit chance -> Critical hit damage -> Area Damage, Secondary Resist
Belt - Belt of Transcendence:
Intelligence -> Vitality -> %Life -> Armor, Secondary Resist
Pants - Zunimassa's Cloth:
Intelligence -> Vitality -> Armor-> 2 socket, Secondary Resist
Boots - Zunimassa's Trail:
Intelligence -> Vitality -> Armor-> Allresist, Secondary Resist
Rings - The Compass Rose and The Short Man's Finger:
Intelligence-> Critical hit Chance -> Socket -> Critical Hit Damage-> Area Damage
Weapon - Sacred Harvester:
Intelligence-> %Damage -> Socket  -> Attack Speed-> Area Damage
Off-Hand- Zunimassa's String of Skulls:
Intelligence-> Critical hit chance-> %Gargantuan Damage -> Area Damage


Legendary Gems:

Bane of the Trapped
Bane of the Stricken


Kanai cube items:

The Furnace
Mask of Jeram
Ring of Royal Grandeur

When purchasing this product you will get a service which only contains the time invested in getting it. The picture shown is only for informational purposes and remains the property of their creator and owner. During the service we do not use any third party automatization softwares.
Our company is not affiliated with any game studios.

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