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The most popular MOBA with over 100 million users League of Legends is easy to learn but very hard to master. If you are looking for a competitive online game experience, you will definietly find it in LoL. ...

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League of Legends

Platinum 5 wins

Boost  Platinum League  Service  Win Service 

The best way to increase your League of Legends rating. With this service will... More details

from (550.00 MC)
6 - 12h
League of Legends

Division Boost - Platinum

Division Boost  Platinum League 

League of Legends Division boosting is the fastest way to increase your Division... More details

from (490.00 MC)
12 - 24h
League of Legends

Placement for Platinum League

Boost  League Placement Service  Promo  Service 

This service is for League Placement matches for Platinum players. We can... More details

from (1000.00 MC)
12 - 24h
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