Path of Exile Advanced Low-life Ice Spear CoC Occultist - Witch - Ancestor 3.22
Path of Exile Advanced Low-life Ice Spear CoC Occultist - Witch - Ancestor 3.22

Advanced Low-life Ice Spear CoC Occultist - Witch - Ancestor 3.22

Character Build   Ice Spear   Occultist   Witch  

Low-life Ice Spear CoC poe build updated for patch 3.22 Ancestor League!

You will receive all the gear and gems to be able to play this Path of Exile build. The character itself is not included!

Low-life version of one of the fastest map-clearing builds in Path of Exile, based on the powerful Cospri's Malice sword. Even more damage with low-life version with more damage auras and Pain Attunement Keystone.

Cyclone is our main skill, with 100% Hit and Crit chance it allows to trigger Ice Spear and Cold Spells from Cospri's Malice with very high frequency.

The Occultist is the best choice for the Ascendancy class. We get huge bonuses to Cold Spell Damage, Curses and additional generation of Power Charges. Since the ES is our main layer of defense, ES bonuses from the Occultist significantly increase our survivability.

The build has an incredible clearing speed and huge single target damage, you can easy handle all Path of Exile endgame content!

- 100% Hit Chance with 100% Crit Chance
- Maximum Ice Spear Trigger Rate (52% Cooldown Recovery and 10 Attacks per Second)
- More then 50 Millions of Guardian/Pinnacle DPS
- Mageblood (keep your hands free of pushing flasks)
- Massive ES Leech
- Dual Watcher's Eye: ES on Hit Leech from Discipline and Hatred

Path of Building link at level 95
(copy and paste it to PoB - it shows cluster jewels more accurately than PoE Planner)

Endgame resistances:
Fire  75%
Cold  75%
Lightning  76%
Chaos 75%

Bandit Quest:
Kill All

First Labyrinth: - Void Beacon
Second Labyrinth: - Frigid Wake
Third Labyrinth: - Forbidden Power
Uber Labyrinth: - Unholy Authority

Major God: Soul of Lunaris or Soul of Arakaali
Minor God: Soul of Abberath - upgraded

Gear and Gems:

- Cospri's Malice - Corrupted - Skills fire an additional Projectile
Sockets BBB (Frost Bomb - Freezing Pulse lvl 21/20 - Power Charge On Critical)

- Prism Guardian - Corrupted with +2 to socketed Auras
Sockets GGB (Hatred - Grace - Zealotry)

Body Armour:
- Shavronne's Wrappings 6-Linked - Corrupted - +2 to Level of Socketed Projectile Gems
Sockets GGGRBB (Anomalous Ice Spear lvl 21/20 - Divergent Inspiration - Divergent Cyclone - Awakened Greater Multiple Projectiles lvl 5 - Awakened Cast On Critical Strike lvl 6 - Increased Critical Strikes lvl 21/20)

- Rare ES Gloves with Accuracy and Damage against Chilled Enemies. Grants Level 20 Aspect of the Spider. Cold Exposure on Hit and Chance to Unnerve
Sockets BBBG (Summon Skitterbots - Precision - Vaal Discipline lvl 21 - Enlighten 4)

- Rare Warlord/Crusader ES Helm with +1 to Maximum Power Charges and -12% to Cold Resistance of nearby enemies, Enchanted: Ice Spear fires an additional Projectile
Sockets G+GGB (Herald of Ice, Anomalous Assassin's Mark - Divergent Mark on Hit - Enhance lvl 4)

- Rare Shaper/Hunter Double-elevated ES Boots with increased Cooldown Recovery Rate and Tailwind
Sockets BBBB (Vortex - Divergent Bonechill - Awakened Unbound Ailments lvl 5 - Frostblink)

- Presence of Chayula - Perfect. Allocates Tranquility
- Circle of Fear - Cold Damage and Buff Effect. 6% increased Spell Damage per Power Charge
- Rare Ring with DEX, Resistances, Reduced Mana Cost and Curse with Frostbite on Hit
- Mageblood - Enchanted - 30% increased Accuracy while you have Onslaught

- Militant Faith - Dominus - reduced Mana Cost and increased effect of Auras
- Unnatural Instinct
- Thread of Hope - Large Ring - Perfect
- Dual Watcher's Eye - Energy Shield leech on Hit and Cold Penetration
- 4x Rare Jewel with increased maximum ES and Double Crit Multi
- Rare Jewel with increased maximum ES and Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted on you
- 2x Large Cluster Jewel - Blanketed Snow, Prismatic Heart, Widespread Destruction
- 2x Medium Cluster Jewel - Eye to Eye, Repeater
- 2x Medium Cluster Jewel - Pressure Points, Basics of Pain
- 4x Honoured Tattoo of the Tuatara
- 1x Honoured Tattoo of the Hatungo

- Dying Sun - well rolled
- Diamond, Quicksilver, Amethyst and Silver Flasks, rolled with Maximum Effects and Evasion, Reduced Mana Cost, increased Crit Chance and Resistances

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