1 Path of Exile Eternal Orb

Alter Rare Item  Currency  Eternal Orb  Orb  Relic 

Mostly used for crafting high valuable items for later restoration.

Buy Eternal Orb which is one of  the official Path of Exile currency, also known as orbs. These orbs can be found everywhere in the game. As you may know, there isn't any gold or coins in this game. However, the vendors accept the orbs as currency, you can trade with other players, get new items and so on. What's more, if you're not satisfied with the stats on your items, you can use the orbs to reroll or upgrade them!

Creates an imprint of an item for later restoration.
Right click this item then left click on an item to create an imprint. This imprint can later be used to restore this
specific item to that imprinted state.

Stack size: 10

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