Path of Exile Shockwave Totem Hierophant - Templar - Ancestor 3.22
Path of Exile Shockwave Totem Hierophant - Templar - Ancestor 3.22

Shockwave Totem Hierophant - Templar - Ancestor 3.22

Character Build   Hierophant   Shockwave Totem   Templar  

Shockwave Totem Hierophant Templar made for Ancestor League!

You will receive all the gear and gems to be able to play this Path of Exile build. The character itself is not included!

100% Physical to Cold Converstion Hierophant Build with high Crit Chance that deals insane damage in both mapping and bossing.

Shockwave Totem releases shockwaves that deal physical damage around it. With Astral Projector Ring your Totems are able to create a Shockwaves directly on top of enemies. This is very powerful boost, which help you to stay far from enemies, because your Totems kill everything in a long distance ahead of you!

Hierophant is the best choice for Totem Build, because he has two amazing Totem Ascendancy Skills, extra permanent Charges and 100% uptime of Arcane Surge buff. Chilling and Freezing enemies is also a powerful defensive bonus, which can constantly stop the enemies. Besides Freezee mechanincs, build has tons of Armor with high Physical Damage Reduction, resonable Life Pool, high Life Regeneration and can even use Righteous Fire!

Shockwave Totem Hierophant is a very strong bosskiller and has extraordinarily high boss DPS. And it's almost in afk mode. All you have to do is summon Totems, drop Arcanist Brand, and don't forget to use Bottled Faith and Zealotry Aura from Divine Blessing. Then all that remains is to run and watch how the strongest bosses of Path of Exile collapse before your eyes!

Skill tree (Path of Building)

Endgame resistances
Fire 85%
Cold 75%
Lightning 75%
Chaos 30%

Bandit Quest:
Kill All

First Labyrinth: - Pursuit of Faith
Second Labyrinth: - Conviction of Power
Third Labyrinth: - Ritual of Awakening
Uber Labyrinth: - Arcane Blessing

Major: Soul of Brine King to prevent Stun and Freeze locks
Minor: Soul of Abberath - upgraded

Gear and Gem links:

- Rare Wand with High amount of Spell Damage, Cast Speed, Crit Multiplier, +1 to all Skill Gems, +1 to all Physical Skill Gems
Sockets RRB (Zealotry - Divergent Inspiration - Divine Blessing)

- Rare Shield with Life, +1 Totem, 30% increased Reservation Efficiency of Socketed Gems, 100%+ increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells
Sockets RRG (Hatred - Determination - Purity of Fire)

Body Armour:
- Dialla's Malefaction 6-Linked
Sockets RRRRGG (Divergent Shockwave Totem - Empower lvl 4 - Multiple Totems - Concentrated Effect - Increased Critical Damage - Divergent Hypothermia)

- Heatshiver - Enchanted - 15% increased Shockwave Totem Cast Speed
Sockets RRRG (Anomalous Cast when Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Shield Charge - Faster Attacks)

- Rare Gloves with Life and Resistances, 40% increased Damage against Chilled enemies, 20% chance to Unnerve, 20% of Physical converted to Cold
Sockets RRBB (Vitality - Herald of Purity - Flame Dash - Divergent Righteous Fire)

- Rare Boots with Life, 20% increased Life Regeneration Rate, Chaos and Elemental Resistances, Movement Speed, +1 to maximum Fire Res
Sockets BBBB (Arcanist Brand - Vortex - Bonechill - Anomalous Assassin's Mark)

- Rare Amulet with 30%+ to Crit Multiplier, +1 to all Skill Gems, +1 to all Physical Skill Gems. Allocates Charisma
- Astral Projector - well rolled
- Rare Ring with Life, Cast Speed, DEX, Chaos and Elemental Resistances
- Rare Stygian Vise with Life, ES, Life Regen, Resistances and Attributes

- 2x Large Cluster Jewel - Force Multiplier, Iron Breaker, Master the Fundamentals
- Medium Cluster Jewel - Ancestral Echo, Sleepless Sentries
- 2x Grand Spectrum - Critical Strike Chance
- Grand Spectrum - Frenzy Charges
- Militant Faith - Dominus - Area Damage and Aura Effects
- Watcher's Eye - 1.7% to Critical Strike Chance while affected by Hatred
- Honoured Tattoo of the Warlord
- 5x Tattoo of the Hinekora Warrior

- Taste of Hate - 15% Extral Cold Damage
- Bottled Faith - well rolled
- Granite Flask with increased Armour
- Quicksilver Flask with increased Cast Speed
- Divine Life Flask with Instant Recovery and Bleeding Immunity

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