Path of Exile Raise Spectre - Necromancer Witch - Expedition League 3.15
Path of Exile Raise Spectre - Necromancer Witch - Expedition League 3.15

Raise Spectre - Necromancer Witch - Expedition League 3.15

Character Build   Necromancer   Raise Spectre   Witch  

Raise Spectre Necromancer Witch PoE build.

You will receive all the gear and gems to be able to play this Path of Exile build. The character itself is not included!

The Raise Spectre Necromancer is a type of summoner that relies on raising a copy of a fallen monster. There are many great choices when it comes to raising a spectre. Most powerful ones are mainly ranged casters. 
The build focuses on Syndicate Operative spectres. Damage and attack speed is incredibly high, in addition they have awesome attack range and even Shotgun effect. It absolutely destroys bosses, Delirium/Blight/Heist encounters.
You can find them during Betrayal encounter or during Syndicate Safehouse mission. The bodies despawn in a few seconds so you need to raise quickly.
As a Necromancer, your job is to stay behind your minions and empower them. You depend on your minions to do everything for you, you are simply helpless without them. Essentially, Raise Spectre will do all the damage you will need, beyond that you focus on utility and survivability.

New Path of Exile patches brought many awesome improvements for summoners and the global nerfs in the 3.15 update did not particularly affect them - so it's time to feel the power of minions!

Skilltree:(Click on the Level to check the tree)
Level 92

Path of Building (PoB) level 92:

Minimum stats you will have at level 92:
Strenght - 185
Dextirity - 155
Intelligence - 265

Endgame resistances
Fire  75
Cold  75
Lightning  75
Chaos  20

Bandit Quest:
Kill All

First Labyrinth: - Mindless Aggression
Second Labyrinth: - Unnatural Strength
Third Labyrinth: - Commander of Darkness
Uber Labyrinth: - Mistress of Sacrifice

Major: Soul of Lunaris
Minor: Soul of Shakari – Poison immunity

Gear and Gem links:
This is Elemental Equilibrium build. Do NOT, EVER, get any sort of FLAT added cold damage on your tree or gear as that will ruin EE.

Rare Convoking Wand
+1 to Level of all Minion Skill Gems or +1 to Level of all Spell Skill Gems
Minions deal % increased Damage
Minions have % increased Attack Speed
Minions have % increased Cast Speed
Trigger a Socketed Spell when you Use a Skill, with a 8 second Cooldown and 150% more Cost
Sockets BBG (Bone Offering - Desecrate - Tempest Shield)

Trigger will auto-cast any gems in your wand when you use another skill. This means you will not have to self cast desecrate + flesh offering.

Rare Shield with Life, Resists and Recover 4-5% of Life when you Block
Sockets RRB (Cast when Damage Taken - Immoral Call - Convocation)

Body Armour:
Rare 6-Linked Armor with Life, Resists and +1 to maximum number of Spectres
Sockets RGGBBB (Raise Spectre Lvl 21/20 - Minion Damage Support - Greater Volley Support - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Predator Support - Vicious Projectiles)

The Devouring Diadem - Resistances
Sockets GGRB (Hatred - Vaal Haste - Summon Skitterbots - Generosity)

Triad Grip
Sockets GGGG (Anomalous Dash - Second Wind - Phase Run - Poacher's Mark)

Rare Boots with Life, Movemenet Speed and +1 to Level of all Raise Spectre Gems
Sockets RBBB (Animate Guardian - Feeding Frenzy - Elemental Army - Summon Carrion Golem)

The Jinxed Juju - well rolled, with allocated Death Attunement (Clear+Crimson+Silver Oil)
Rare Unset Ring with Life, DEX, Resistances (Socket here your Storm Brand Gem. Always use your Storm Brand Skill to activate Elemental Equilibrium)
Rare Ring with Life, Dex, Chaos and Elemental Resistances
Rare Stygian Vise with Life, Chaos and Elemental Resistances

Unending Hunger
5x Ghastly Eye Jewels with Life and multiple minion mods

Cluster Jewels:
Large Cluster Jewel (Renewal, Feasting Fiends, Call to the Slaughter, Adds 8 Passive Skills)
3x Medium Cluster Jewel (Replenishing Presence, Vengeful Commander, Adds 4-5 Passive Skills)
2x Small Cluster Jewel (Surging Vitality, Adds 2 Passive Skills, small skills grant 4% life)
1x Small Cluster Jewel (Enduring Composure, Adds 2 Passive Skills)

Description about jewels:
1) Socket Unending Hunger between Witch and Templar starting places
2) Socket your Large Cluster Jewels to big sockets and allocate Renewal, Feasting Fiends and 2 Jewel Sockets on each of them. Do not allocate Call to the Slaughter to save points. Spend only 5 Points on each Cluster
3) Socket your Medium Clusters, allocate Jewel Sockets and Notables. Spend only 4 Points on each Cluster
4) Socket your Small Clusters and allocate Notables
5) Use all remaining free Sockets for your Abyss Jewels
6) Check PoB to see all this

Seething Divine Life flask of Staunching (Instant Recovery and Remove Bleeding)
Rumi's Concoction - Perfect
Chemist's Quicksilver Flask of Heat (Movement speed flask with Freeze Remove)
Chemist's Basalt Flask of Grounding (Defensive Flask with Shock Remove)
Chemist's Quartz Flask of Dousing (Phasing and Ignite Remove)

Animated Guardian gear:
Garb of the Ephemeral
Victario's Flight
Leer Cast
Care with your Animated Guardian, cause it can lose all gear on death

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