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Why ArcheAge?

ArcheAge is a free-to-play MMORPG released in 2011 by Trion Games. The game offers several unique ways to customize your character and play your way through Haranya, Nuia and Auroria. In Archeage there are over 120 class combinations available, over 20 crafting skills and you can of course trade, make friends, slay huge monsters or even build houses and monors in an incredible world.

Six classes with unique abilities

In ArcheAge you can choose from six major races, all of them with different backstory. Pick from Nuians, Elves, Dwarves, Firran, Harani and Warborn. Each of these races have unique abilities which they use to their advantage. For example Elves are great swimmers and they can hold their breath longer and swim faster while Firrans are able to drop down from highest points with reduced fall damage and climb ladders and trees faster.

Diverse skill system

Skillsets are available from the beginning of the game and you can pick additional skillsets after reaching certain levels. Skillsets are divided for different areas of combat, including Archery, Sorcery, Occultism, Auramancy and Witchcraft. Your abilities will focus on one of these masteries, providing bonuses.

Thanks to ArcheAge's world's size, the game also offers several ways to travel around faster on the back of your mounts. They can be traded, named and customized for your pleasure. There are also alternate ways to reach your destinations, including Boats, Warships, Gliders and Airships.

Trading and the usefulness of ArcheAge gold

The hard-earned ArcheAge gold can be spent on several items, buildings, ship designs and crafting components. To buy ArcheAge gold simply select the amount you like to put it to your cart. On the checkout page we will be asking for your character name where the ArcheAge gold will be sent to. We keep our prices low enough to find cheap ArcheAge gold at any time and offer the delivery in a reasonable time frame.

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