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Why Blade and Soul?

Blade and Soul is a free to play MMORPG which was originally a game for the Korean region, then a few days later became accessable for Western territories. The game focuses on martial arts with incredibly good movement system where you can sprint with insane speed, glide between areas and jump unusually higher. The freedom the game provides can only be matched with World of Warcraft. In this MMORPG you can explore the beautiful world, complete huge variety of quests, and try the unique battle system, which may remind you of fighting games with hit combos.

Pick the class most suitable for you

In Blade and Soul you can master several simple and tricky moves which helps you slay your foes with fast-paced combat. Pick for 4 unique races and 10 different classes, most of them are never seen before. Be a Force Master, Blade Dancer, Soul Fighter, Gunslinger or Destroyer and conquer the battlefield. Each of these classes have their on learning curve but the game helps you to pick the right option, based on your play style.

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