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Counter Strike Global Offensive Keys in 5 minutes

The most challenging online shooter

CSGO is the most popular competitive multiplayer shooting game, developed by Valve. The game offers two modes, one is rescuing hostages or defusing bombs. It is played by 10 players, split into two teams. In Counter Strike Global Offensive you have to either sabotage the Terrorist team's goal to capture hostages or to plant a bomb and then explode it as Counter Terrorists. The game requires deadly precise aim, good reading of your enemy and quick reactions. Taking one shot to the head can easily knock you out from the current round.

Cases, keys and cosmetic items

At the end of each game you have a small chance to receive different reward like CSGO Cases, weapon skins or stickers. These items have no impact to the game as they are purely cosmetic but there is a huge market built around these items. If you like flipping items, opening cases to try your luck or just want to obtain an item that you set your sight on long ago you are on the right place.

CSGO Keys in 5 minutes

Mulefactory offers almost all types of CS:GO items that you may need while you are queueing and opening your cases. We will either trade it to you face to face, or send it through trade offer. Buy CSGO keys from Mulefactory and keep your account safe. Our CSGO key delivery time is usually 5 minutes because we are delivering from our stock.

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