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Diablo 2 Classic has the contents of the base game which does not include Act 5, Druid and Assassin, Runes, Runewords, Elite quality items, Charms and Jewels. Why would you choose to play Classic then? If you started in LOD-era the game will show you something new that you never experienced. Your character will be geared with mostly rare items which provide bonus resists and life. Although Diablo 2 Classic is harder than Diablo 2 LOD it still provides lots of fun and the discovery of brand new item variations and also with a small but friendly community. Forget about the boring g-rushes and endless Baalruns.

Welcome to Chaos Sanctuary

Since Act 5 is unavailable your best bet will be running Chaos Sanctuary for the best possible loot. Picking up even the worst looking rare items might worth it as there are no Elite unique items available, making the character gearing more challenging as you have to think about solutions that you would just ignore while playing with Diablo 2 LOD.

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Mulefactory is the only shop that still sells Diablo 2 Classic items with guaranteed delivery on all realms. Get your unique items, rare items, sets and full character builds. Wide range of selection with a lot of items, low price and quick delivery. Our selection is available a few days after the ladder has been reset and we keep it updated during the ladder.

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