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FIFA 18 is a football simulation game where you can either manage and play your own team. It was released on 29 September, 2017. The game features a renewed Frostbite 3 engine by Electronic Arts. The PS4 and Xbox One version includes the sequel of the campaign called "The Journey" which is based on the story of Alex Hunter breaking into the professional football scene.

What the game has to offer?

The content of the game is constanly growing as special cards are being added. Team of the Week squad is being released every Wednesday, Team of the Winter is being released in the Winter months, while Team of the Season is being released at Summer. There are also challenges in the game that provide further achievements while a Squad Building Challenge event is ongoing.

FIFA 18 Trade Methods

Buying FIFA 18 coins with Mulefactory is fast and cheap - making it probably the best possible around the market. Our customer support is online at anytime. We offer two ways to have your coins delivered. Player Auction is the most popular way of transfer. With this method you need to put your FIFA 18 player cards to the market and add them to our Player Auction Wizard so we can find and buy them. FIFA 18 Comfort Trade is the easiest way for those who do not wish to spend time on listing cards. This way we will login to your account and list the cards, then buy them out without the need of your assistance. During comfort trade you must be logged out from both your console and Webapp.

Brand new Player Auction Wizard

From now on you can add your cards to your orders easier than ever! We now bear the Transfer Market fee and the minimum sell price of cards. To get this done select the amount of FIFA 18 coins you would like to buy and proceed to check out. On the check out page you will find our Player Auction Wizard and you can add the cards that will be bought out. This way the coins will be transferred to your account. Search for a player's card that you no longer need. Once the card is selected we will suggest a start and buyout price. Overriding our suggested buyout price is not recommended for security reasons. You can keep adding cards until you are about to hit the amount as the ordered FIFA coins plus the 5% EA Transfer Market fee and the quick sell price of your cards. A green button will indicate that your order is ready to be delivered. By the time you proceed to pay for your order your cards must be already listed to the Transfer Market. Make sure to check both the start and buyout price and then pay for your order and lean back. Your cards will be bought in just a few minutes, completing your FIFA coin delivery!

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