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Diverse classes - just like in Diablo 2

The Barbarian is the embodiment of brute strength capable of obliterating it's foes with colossal melee weapons. The enigmatic Witch Doctor employs dark rituals and summoned fiends to rid the world from the demon scurge. The Demon Hunter is the master of ranged weaponry and deadly traps unmatched at slaying opponents with precision and cunning. The Monk with superhuman reflexes evades frenzied attacks and delivers chains of killing blows with blinding speed. The Wizard as a wielder of arcane magic unleashes the forces of the elements upon the hordes of hell. The Crusader with his unbreakable shield and unyielding faith conquers the strongests of enemies in seconds. The Necromancer rules over death itself, resurrecting the slain foes to face their former masters.

What the game has to offer?

There are two game modes in Diablo 3: Campaign is the stroy driven mode, after finishing the campaign you are able to choose Adventure mode. In Adventure mode you can complete Bounty Quests for rare Cache Materials and Cache Only Legendary items such as Ring of the Royal Grandeur or Soulsmasher and you have a chance to encounter Keywardens to obtain the Infernal Machine from their dead bodies. Infernam Machines are required to open the portals to Diablo 3's Uber Bosses whom can reward you with the materials needed to Hellfire Amulet and Hellfire Ring. Normal Rifts are great source for Crafting Materials and Greater Rift Keystones to open the Greater Rifts.
Greater Rifts are the most challenging part of the game as you have to battle against not just the hordes of demons but against time itself. You have 15 minutes to clear the rift and kill the Rift Guardian to recieve a ton of Legendary item and one of the 20 Legendary Gems. After completing a Greater Rift -in time- you have up to 4 chance to upgrade your Legendary Gems to further incrase their power.

Skills and Paragon Levels

Tired of of using the same skill set over and over? Fear not my friend, in Diablo 3 you have full and unlimited acces to all of your skills and runes after reaching level 70. No retalent or difficult to obtain items are necessary just hit up your skill book and choose a different skill or rune from it and you are good to go.
Level 70 isn't enough, is it? Of course not! After reaching it all the experience points you gain goes to Paragon Levels which will improve your different offensive and defensive stats and even your movement speed. How much Paragon Levels you can have? No one realy knows, but here's a friendly advice my fellow Adventurer: let's find it out!

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