F.A.Q. - Falling price items

What is a Falling Price item?
It is a unique, new service where you can find fixed stat items that are suffering drop in prices in a random interval.
Where can I find these items?
Select you server and find them in the menu on the left side of the page. This category will be shown in red color.
What do you mean by 'random interval'?
It means that the price fall can occur randomly between 30 minutes to 8 hours.
How cheaper will these items be?
This value is fixed. Every time an item suffers a drop in price its cost is going to be lowered by 5%.
I missed a good item because someone already took it. Do you have more in stock?
No, we only have one of each in stock so you have to check the prices often so you will not miss a great item.
How long does the delivery take for these items?
It is instant. After you paid go to LiveHelp to receive them.
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