F.A.Q. - Diablo 2

How do I receive the items I have bought?
We create a new account with a new character that carries the items. After that we send you an email with the name and password of the account. Then you can transfer the items to your chosen characters. We can also help you with that, so you don't have to be afraid of losing your items due to connection issues. If you lose items while transferring, we cannot be held responsible and we will not replace the lost items. Alternatively, you can tell us your account name and password, so we can mule for you.
How long does it take?
Unless further verification is needed, we deliver within 24 hours. 90% of our orders are delivered within 1-4 hours.
More than 24 hours haved passed and I still haven't got my items, what should I do?
Reply to the order notification and inform us that you haven't received items or login information yet. Make sure you provide us the order ID , which was given in the automatic email sent you for tracking purposes. The most common problems are that the buyer has a full mail box, or their spam filter settings block our delivery e-mail.
Can I get help with transferring items?
If you feel insecure about transferring on your own you can contact us via our LiveHelp and we will do everything to help you. This is the safest way to transfer your ordered items. We can't take responsibility after we delivered the items because of connection issues, personal reasons or other reasons).
How do I know whether an item is specified for a certain character class or not?
Items, which can only be used by a certain character class, have this term clearly stated in their item description.
What are the "unperm" items?
Unperm is just a nicer way of saying "duped". If an item is said to be "duped", then it means that it has been duplicated, or copied. In the past, exploits existed in the Diablo 2 game that allowed players to copy items. Blizzard wittingly added a scan to check for these illegitimate items and deleted them. There are ways to reduce the possibility of your items being deleted by the Scan, although none of the methods is 100% safe. MuleFactory cannot offer replacements for the lost "unperm" items. The advantage of the duped items is that they are usually way cheaper than their legit counterparts. A legit 40ed/15ias jewel might cost above $50 but a duped one could cost no more than $4.00. Most players think that the amount of saved money with duped items outweighs the risk.
How can I protect my duped items from the dupe scan?
  1. Don't carry duped items with you from game to game. Keep them on a character you don't use often until you're ready to use them.
  2. Trade-Cancel ("perm method" emotions immediately before you leave the games) Opening a trade screen with another player and closing it will remove deletion flags from your items. Deletion flags may be reapplied to your items if you do not leave immediately after opening and closing the trade screen.
  3. If your duped item is a Rune or Jewel, simply put it in a socket. It will be permanent forever and be as good as a legit one, whether it's duped or not.
You don't sell the item I'm looking for. Can I put up a request?
Definitely! If you don't see the item you want, just send us an email or ask our representatives via LiveHelp. We have tons of items in our inventory. It is highly plausible that we have what you're looking for. If you need a special item like a perfect runeword or any trophies, we will find one for you. You can contact us for rare items, too.
Can I buy items on one realm and use them on another one?
No, you cannot. Items are not interchangeable between realms. A Hardcore character cannot use Softcore items and vice versa. USWest Characters cannot use USEast or Europe items, Ladder characters cannot use non-Ladder items, Classic characters cannot use Expansion items. A character may only use items that exist on their realm. While you're shopping, make sure that you order items for the appropriate realm. If you don't know on which realm your character is, please contact us and we'll be glad to help you figure it out.
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