F.A.Q. - Guild wars

What do I have to know about the ordering?
Check the status of the live helpLiveHelp. If it is online, you can get your Guild Wars items right after the purchase. You just have to contact us this way, telling your order ID. Our Guild Wars delivery always takes place in the Great Temple of Balthazar (Europe, French District-1). We have two different methods of delivering, depending on the items you have bought.
  1. We ask you to trade through a trade window. You always have to give us something in return.
  2. You should accept the invitation of our character, then we will leave the town and the items will be dropped on the floor.
Never communicate in-game! Always contact us via LiveHelp and we can talk there.
Your LiveHelp is offline, what should I do now?
If our LiveHelp is offline we will mail you within 2-3 hours about the delivering of your order.
How do I receive my Platinum?
We give you the platinum through a trade window. The maximum amount you can get per trade is 100k. You have to give us something in return, so we can fake the trading. The items will be given back to you after the delivery.
How do I receive my Ecto/Z-key/Lockpick?
We invite you, you accept the party invitation and then we go out of the Great Temple of Balthazar to the Isle of the Nameless together. We drop the items you have ordered, you pick them up and we can disband the party.
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