F.A.Q. - Neverwinter

How do I receive my ordered Astral Diamonds?
You have to set up your blue or purple quality items at Auction House ( this is the only safe way to deliver Astral Diamonds) and follow these steps:
  1. Please fill in your character's full name and the Item's name - Example:"playername@handle(Item Name)" for Astral Diamond purchase as the trading method is only through the Auction House.
  2. Bring your character to the Auction house and set up your items with starting price 1 and buyout price 1.333.333.
Locate the nearest auction house. Please prepare any items with quantity equalling each million of diamonds purchased. (e.g. If you are buying 30 million diamond, you have to prepare 30 of the same item)
How do I receive my ordered gold?
If you order Gold at Neverwinter, the process is a direct delivery. You can order by following these steps:
  1. Submit your character's name in the notice.
  2. Inform us when you are ready to login with your character at LiveHelp.
  3. If your in-game currency is ready, our agents will contact you in the game
How long does the delivery take?
Our average delivery time is 12-24 hours but you will receive your ordered items within 72 hours for sure.
I'm looking for something else that is not in the selection. Is there any way to order them?
Yes, there is. Just send us an email with the server name and the exact item name you are looking for, and we will add it to our selection. The price of the item will be sent to your email address, too.
Do you pay the AH fee if I order astral diamond?
Yes, Mulefactory pays the 12% auction house tax. Note that there is an incurring cost of 12% tax for each item sold. Therefore, you will be receiving 1 million diamond for each item sold.
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