F.A.Q. - MuleCredits

What are these MuleCredit points?
MuleCredit is a fictional currency that we created in order to make our pricing and gift system more transparent to our customers. 1 USD worths 10 Mulecredits . These credits will never expire.
Where can I find my current MuleCredit balance?
You can find your MuleCredit balance and transaction history at your profile page.
How can I earn MuleCredit points?
You get free MuleCredit points for inviting friends.
How can I pay using MuleCredits?
After you filled your shopping cart, continue to check out, and when you have to choose a payment method scroll down to find the "MC card" option. Click on it, enter your password and you are done.
Will my Mulecredits expire?
No, you can use them whenever you want to.
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