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I'd like to know the estimated delivery time

The delivery time depends on the game you are interested in. See the game specific delivery times below.

Path of Exile

We usually have every currencies in stock so our average delivery time for them is 10-20 minutes. In rare cases it might take up to 6 hours. Any other items are delivered in 1-6 hours.

FIFA Player Auction

Our average completion time for FIFA orders is 10-20 minutes.

FIFA Comfort Trade

If every login information is correct the estimated completion for Comfort Trade is 1-6 hours.

Diablo 3

The delivery time depends on the amount of items. As the items are account bound, they cannot be transferred and we need to login to your account in order to farm them. The accurate delivery time can be found in the description of each items. These values add up as you have more items in your shopping cart.

World of Warcraft

The delivery time for WoW gold depends on the population of your server. By average we deliver in 6 hours. In case your server is not so populated, the delivery time might hit 1-2 days.


Gold orders for Runescape are completed 6 hours, depending on the status of our stock. Our support can let you know the amount that we can deliver right after you ordered.

Diablo 2

The average delivery time for Diablo 2 is 12 hours. This time is depending on the rarity and amount of items, in rare cases it might hit 1-2 days.

Elder Scrolls

Delivering gold in Elder Scrolls takes about 24 hours.

Final Fantasy

The delivery takes about 12-24 hours. Keep your eye on your mailbox as we will need you assistance to add you to our friend list. Once you are added your online presence is not required for the delivery.

Guild Wars 2

Our average delivery time for GW2 is 24 hours.

If you are looking for further help please check our FAQ.

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