Basics, Customer ranks and LiveHelp

How do I register on Mulefactory.com?
Click on "Sign Up" button and enter a username, password and e-mail. Make sure that you give us a valid email address, otherwise you will not get our delivery/info emails. We guarantee that your email address will not be given to a third party. When registering you agree that some of your data will be stored and that you are over 18 years old.
How do I unlink my Facebook and Mulefactory.com account?
Sign in to your Facebook acoount, click on the "Account" button in the topleft corner of the screen and select "Application Settings." You will be directed to a page that lists all of the applications you have subscribed to by using Facebook. To remove the connection with your Facebook account, click on the "X" next to the "Connect with Mulefactory.com" line.
How do I buy items?
Simply choose the correct realm/server and start browsing. Add the items you would like to buy to the shopping cart and press the "checkout" button to continue with payment. PayPal is our primary payment option (fast, secure and safe). You can also pay by Skrill, Credit Card (through Stripe), BitPay or MuleCredits.
How do I use the Help Center?
The Help Center is our main way to handle cases or establish the delivery if it needs you to be online.

It can be found on the right side of our page. Once you have opened it you can find several topics which helps you solve any issues that you may encounter. There is also a "Live Help" option in our Help Center which can be used to contact us in a real time chat. Our LiveHelp is online 24 hours a day, no matter if it's Christmas or New Year's Eve, we are available online! The usage of the Livehelp requires some informations to be filled regarding your order. This to required to make sure your case is going to be forwarded to the correct person who will handle with care.

Opening a ticket is simple and easy and we respond in about 1-2 hours. Simply click on the option which specifies your case the best and fill out the required informations. This is a great way to modify or cancel an order.
What is Livehelp and how do I use it?
Livehelp is the way to contact us directly and offers the opportunity of real time chat between you and us. After you logged in, you can click on the Help Center button on the right side , which opens a popup window where you can select the LiveHelp option. LiveHelp is a simple chat service, where there is a field at the bottom of the window, there you can type your message and send it by pressing Enter. Our Livehelp supports the most basic ways of chatting and file exchange is not available through it.
Why is Livehelp useful for me?
You can ask about the status of your pending order, we help you in solving any problems you meet during ordering, and also playing a game, furthermore, we can give you hints for the games you play. Of course, there are some games, which we don't know well but in most of the games we are selling, we can help you out by answering your questions. We cannot help with questing or treasure hunting.
I would like to cancel my order, what can I do?
You can cancel your order at any time through our Help Center. There is a ticket option for it but you can also let us know about it via Livehelp. You can choose the way of refund but by default it will be the same way as you paid for your order. The refund requests will get forwarded to the appropriate person who will initiate it in 24-48 hours. Our customer support is unable to refund your orders in money so it is never instant!

PayPal refunds: If you paid from PayPal balance it just takes a few hours, if you used eCheck it takes about 5-7 days.
Skrill refunds: Takes a few hours.
Stripe refunds: Takes 5-10 days.
MuleCredit refunds: Instant and our customer support is able to do it.
How do I sign in using my Facebook account?
Click on the "Login with Facebook" button, which is found in the top right navigation bar. If you haven't logged in to your Facebook account yet, enter your Facebook account and password in the pop-up window. If you have already logged in to Facebook, simply click on the "Connect" button in the pop-up. The first time you connect, you are asked for your email address.
Does my activity on Mulefactory.com automatically appear on Facebook?
No, it doesn't. We never post updates to your Facebook page.
Where do you get your gold and items from?
All our gold and items are from legitimate, player controlled in-game activities, such as high level monster killing and trading.
Why should I become a VIP member?
The answer is simple, you will automatically get discounts on our whole selection of all games, access to our upcoming VIP selection, and your LiveHelp requests and questions will have higher priority.
How can I become a VIP?
You are promoted to the next VIP level By reaching the goal of each rank. Your current rank depends on the number of your total orders and the money you have spent. every rank has different discounts.
Where can I find my current rank and the peaks?
After you logged in, go to your profile (to find it). There are 5 different ranks: Customer, VIP Bronze, VIP Silver, VIP Gold, and VIP Diamond. Each one is with different perks, you can (also) find them if you move the mouse over the question mark.
What are the perks and discounts for the ranks?
VIP Bronze with 2% discount: At least 10 orders and $1000 spent.
VIP Silver with 3% discount: At least 15 orders and $2000 spent.
VIP Gold with 4% discount: At least 20 orders and $3500 spent.
VIP Diamond with 5% discount: At least 25 orders and $5000 spent.
Can I use a coupon and my VIP discount at the same order?
No, you cannot. We are not going to give free coupons worth more than our VIP ranks, that's why you can choose only one type of discount for each use.
Who and when can access my stored data?
All of your data remains confidential as long as there are no issues with the payment. If a transaction is disputed (for example: fraudulent, not authorized, unidentified etc) we reserve the rights to provide all the required details we can to the Bank that the dispute has been initiated at. There are no other ways where we share your data with any third parties.
How do I know what data are you storing about me?
You can ask for your stored data in a Support Ticket that can be opened from our Help Center. We only store your username, login e-mail, login IP, payment emails, Livehelp logs, Support Tickets and order informations which includes date of your orders and their completion, items that you bought and the message we sent to you when we completed your order.
How do I close my Mulefactory account?
Account deletion can be requested through a Support Ticket that can be opened from our Help Center. Our Customer Support will close your account within an hour and you will be notified right before it. Once your account is terminated we can not restore it so make sure you really want to have your account terminated as the decision is final. We cannot move your earned VIP discounts to another account. Explanation is not a must but we would be happy to know why you decided to terminate your account.
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