Blade and Soul

How do I place my Blade and Soul order?
Select the amount of gold you would like to purchase and add it to your shopping cart. When checking out, we will ask for items that you need to put up for auction to the Blade and Soul Marketplace.
How do I have to list the items?
We ask you to list the items for about 25 gold plus a few coppers. By adding a few coppers to the price will make it unique and easier to find. Please always put your items for 48 hours selling duration and leave us a note with their exact name and price!
Example for an order of 100 Gold:
1st item: (23 Gold x1.04)+4 Copper
2nd item: (24 Gold x1.04)+8 Copper
3rd item: (26 Gold x1.04)+6 Copper
4th item: (27 Goldx1.04)+9 Copper
Does Mulefactory cover the Marketplace fee?
Yes, we always cover the fees in Blade and Soul. The fee is always 2 + 2%. 2% is for listing and 2% is after selling. Make sure you include the fees in the price of the items you list!
How long does the delivery take?
It depends on the amount of your order. In case of smaller amounts, it takes 2-4 hours, and in case of a bigger order, we need 8-10 hours to complete your order.
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