Diablo 3 RoS

How long does your delivery take?
Every Diablo 3 item has different delivery time. Their estimated delivery time is written in every item's description. In most cases the items are farmed within the given time frame, although minimal difference (a few hours) may occur.
I have ordered a specifiec Diablo 3 legendary item, how do I receive that?
We use the same method that we use at Ancient Legendaries. After you choose and pay the item, we start the service and notify you as soon as we are ready. If you order a Normal Quality Legendary item, there is also a small chance that it will be an Ancient one. If we find an Ancient one, we will keep that and mark your order as delivered.
What does the High End account contain?
On every Diablo 3 account there is always at least one character from any of the classes, which can be found in the name of the product. Every character in our accounts is geared with decent equipment, some gold, tons of items. Moreover, the characters are able to handle the specified Greater Rift level if you have written that in their name, supposing you have a certain level of knowledge of the game and you are familiar with the gameplay.
What do I get for my High End account besides the character?
You get full access to your brand new Diablo 3 account including the mailbox address, mailbox password, real name, security answer and the original CD key for Diablo 3. You can change your battle tag once, add other games and use it anyhow you want to.
How does the Gear Upgrade service work?
It works similarly to our High End Diablo 3 accounts, we are playing in the account for a few days, gathering loots, reforging the items and putting gems in them. The main difference is that we do it in your account, so you don't have to use another one, these services are also better because we can manage to get better equipment for low price.
Do you guarantee that I will be able to run the Greater Rifts associated with the Custom Gear Upgrade Services?
We do not guarantee that any built Diablo 3 character will be able to farm the Greater Rift level mentioned in the name of the service. Building a character requires planning and a certain level of knowledge of the game, and doing Greater Rifts also requires good execution. We do guarantee, however, that the quality of our farmed items will be up to the standards of the required Greater Rift levels. This mostly entails the quality and quantity of secondary stats, but for some services, the Ancient item quality, as well.
I'm about to buy Gem Service but I don't have Greater Rift Trial Keystones. Can I order it?
Of course! You don't need to have Diablo 3 Greater Rift Trial Keystones because farming of them is included in the service and we will not use up the Keys you already have.
I have ordered a level service, how do you level up my character?
All of our Diablo 3 services are done manually, we don't use bots during the process. Your character will neither die, nor touch any monsters,and you don't even have to repair its gear after the service. As you may have already noticed, we give free gold for this service because your character completes quests that reward gold. The same applies for gold services, you receive experience from the quest rewards.
When you place an order for level service, fill in the required information fields about your account. For the login, we need your Battle.net email address, password, security answer and your character's name. If you want to know the current status of your levelling, please contact us via LiveHelp or email.
How can you ensure that my equipment won't be changed or lost?
We always pay attention to your items, whichare already in your account, that's why we move them to a fresh Diablo 3 character in most cases. Please, always empty your inventory and a few stash tabs before making a purchase.
Is there any way to ask for a break during the service?
If your service takes longer than 3 days, we can pause your order; but if the service only takes a few hours, we would like to finish that as fast as possible, so in this case we cannot take a break. Please make sure you don't want to play while your short-term service is on-going. After the resume of your service, we cannot take responsibility for the Diablo 3 items you left in your inventory so make sure you empty it before we resume.
How can I buy Unidentified Ancient Legendaries?
You need to select Diablo 3 RoS at the left menu. After you choose your correct server, look for the service you are interested in. You can also use the search field to find services faster. Choose the product and click on the checkout button under the logout button. At that point, you have to login, it's secure, as well as, the fastest way if you use Facebook. We ask for a couple of information, like your class and your character's name.
Unfortunately there is not any way to trade the items, so we need to farm them on your account, that's why we ask for your login email, password and security answer. We need the security answer because without it we cannot login as your and our IP address is different. After you fill in the necessary fields, you have to select a payment method. If you have paid, you will find your order in your profile and also receive an email notification. After that, please come to Livehelp so we can check if every information you had given is working. If everything is okay, we start your service and send you an email as soon as you can login and identify your Ancient Legendaries. We kindly ask you not to login during our services.
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