Guild Wars 2

How do I receive my ordered items?
Your Guild Wars 2 items are delivered via in-game mail, so check it often after your purchase.
How long does it take to receive my items?
It usually takes about 1-4 hours to receive your ordered Guild Wars 2 items. In rare cases, this deadline might hit up to 24 hours but it depends on how big your order is.
How do you deliver gold?
We can deliver smaller amounts (up to 500 gold) as they are, in form of gold. For bigger amounts, we prefer sending out items of the same value, as they are much less suspicious to deliver. A bigger amount of Guild Wars 2 gold is usually taken by the game admins but they ignore items. Please, try to choose items that you can use yourself, as the amount sent does not include the Trading Post fees in case you resell them. The choice of items is up to you, please give their names in the notes field.
Is it possible to receive bigger amounts of gold?
Of course it is, but we cannot take responsibility in case your Guild Wars 2 gold is taken by the game administrators. That's why our other method (stated above) is recommended.
What information do you need to deliver my Guild Wars 2 items?
When you are checking out you have to fill in a note field. Type your display name (username.1234) there and make sure you write the correct one! We can't take responsibility for the items we deliver. If you gave us wrong contact information, the items won't be delivered again!
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