League of Legends

Is it safe to purchase League of Legends services?
Yes, it is! Your League of Legends account is safe and sound with us, only necessary communication will be made with teammates, without flaming or spamming. During the service, no third party programs are used for keeping your account safe. There is only one booster playing on your behalf. We never use your RP.
What informations do you need about my League of Legends account?
To start the service, we need your username and password. Please, do not login to your account before the completion of this service. You can track the status of your League of Legends boosting on Lolking. You are also welcome to observe the games we are playing for you.
How long does the services take?
Every League of Legends service has its own estimated waiting time. To find it out, check the details of the service of your choice. Our Diamond ranked boosters are trying to do everything to finish your order as fast as possible.
I'm looking for League Boost service, is there any way to place an order for it?
Of course! League Boost service is going to be added as any other service in the future but we can already do this kind of League of Legends services. For getting this service, please contact us on livehelp and tell us your current and destination League and Division. We will email you with the details and the way of ordering.
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