Path of Exile

How do I place my Path of Exile order?
Select Path of Exile from the menu and choose your server. Look for the PoE items you would like to receive. By using the search field, you can find the items faster. When you choose the products, they are added to your shopping cart immediately, and the click on the check-out button, which is located under on the top left corner. At this point, you have to login to your profile at out site, if you have not done that before. You can also use Facebook to login. After logging in, we ask for your character name which can be written into the notes field. After that, you just have to choose from a wide variety of payment methods and complete the purchase.
How do I receive my ordered items?
While you are placing your Path of Exile order, please write your character's name in the "Character name" field. We'll start working on your order as soon as we get your payment, and you will receive a notification mail from us once your items are ready to be delivered.
After you get the email stating that your order is ready to be delivered, please contact us via LiveHelp where we can discuss the delivery. The transaction always takes place in Lioneye's Watch, Act 1, normal difficulty. One of our representatives request you to join his party and we deliver your goods directly. You can give us a random item in return when trading for security reasons. Any useless item will do.
For security reasons, please NEVER talk in-game, we can continue talking via LiveHelp.
How long does the delivery take?
Depending on the amount of ordered Path of Exile items our delivery time varies between 1-6 hours. We always keep Currencies in stock, their delivery time is usually 10 minutes, other items like Unique, Gems and Maps will take a little longer. If you'd like to get updates about your order, please contact us via LiveHelp.
I can't find a Path of Exile item I'm looking for in your selection. Can I put in a request?
Yes, you can. Just contact us through Help Center. Let us know the exact item you're looking for as well as the league you play on and we will do our best to have the item delivered for you on a fair price.
Can you deliver my Path of Exile items on a mule account?
Unfortunately, we can't provide mule accounts. We can only do face to face delivery.
How do I get prepared for delivery?
First of all make sure you have the required space for transferring the items you ordered. There is a currency tab available in the Path of Exile store which can store massive amount of currencies in just a single stash tab.
Unfortunately, the space of inventory is not unlimited that's why we ask you to have it emptied before accepting our trade request. The size of the inventory is 5x12 squares (60 total). If your order won't fit to the trade window, we will open up another so make sure to empty your inventory quickly.

The following items can be transferred with one trade:
-600 Exalted Orbs (10 per stack)
-600 Chaos Orbs (10 per stack)
-600 Orb of Alchemy (10 per stack)
-1200 Gemcutter's Prism (20 per stack)
-1200 Orb of Fusing (20 per stack)
-1200 Jeweller's Orb (20 per stack)
-1200 Cartographer's Chisel (20 per stack)
-1800 Orb of Scouring (30 per stack)
-2400 Orb of Regret (40 per stack)
-2400 Scrolls (40 per stack).
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