Pokemon GO

What is Pokemon Catching service?
In Pokemon GO, Catching service includes catching all of the Pokemons we find during your service. Therefore duplicates occur for sure because we cannot farm specific Pokemons.
What is Egg Hatching service?
During our Pokemon Go Egg Hatching service, we walk around with your Eggs in Incubators. If you have multiple Incubators, we can use as much as you want to in order to hatch more Eggs at the same time.
How do I place my Pokemon GO order?
To place your order,add the desired services to your shopping cart after you register. When checking out, there is a notes field where you need to writein the following information:
Login e-mail or username and password of your account
Name of the city you played Pokemon GO last time.

Please, check in to livehelp or keep checking your mailbox after you place your order because we will most likely need to send you a security code when logging in. This process is a needed because we use different IP addresses as you.
How do you level up my Pokemon GO account?
We login to your account and start collecting Pokemons, hatching eggs and so. We play the game as it should be played. All of our services are done manually. by the end of the service, You end up having more Pokemons and other items, because we keep everything and use up only a few of the Pokemon GO items that we have found.
I'm looking for Pokemon GO custom leveling offer, what should I do?
In this case, please contact us via LiveHelp where we can give you a custom price offer, which is cheaper than purchasing a levelling from level 5-10, when you are level 7.
How long do the Pokemon GO services take?
You can find the estimated completion time in the description of each service. If you order different services at the same time, the estimated duration of each service add up.
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