Sell to us

What is 'Sell to us'?
Mulefactory buys your in-game currencies on the current market price. Doing so, you can sell us your in-game currencies (including Path of Exile Orbs, CS GO keys, Runescape gold or FIFA coins) for Mulecredits or real money.
How can I sell my currencies?
It's very simple and takes just a few minutes! Scroll down on our site and find the "Sell to us" option. you can find every important information On that page. You need to select your game and server first, and then give the correct amount of currency (POE Orbs, RS gold, FIFA coins etc). On the next page, you need to check the amount you gave, and there you can leave us a note. After it is done, you need to come to LiveHelp so we can take your gold. We will automatically refuse every undelivered supply offer after 24 hours.
How often do you pay your suppliers?
Our regular suppliers are paid in Mulecredits right after we received their in-game currencies. The Mulecredits can be used anytime and they do not expire. For our mass suppliers we send the payments every second day to their PayPal account.
What is the difference between regular and mass suppliers?
Our regular suppliers bring us their currencies in small amounts or just a few times, they are always paid by Mulecredits. Our mass suppliers are returning suppliers bringing tons of currencies, and they are always paid by cash.
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