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Halloween Sale at MuleFactory

2018-10-30 - Coupons,items,hot sales

MuleFactory has filled your candy bowls for Halloween with discounts for different games. Claiming these discount codes is simple. Place your order as you would normally do, at the checkout where we are asking for delivery informations, input the coupon code to the correct field (right under your items in the cart). The discount will be deducted from the final price. The coupon codes are valid until 1st of November, 12PM (CET), 7 AM (EDT), 4 AM (PDT), 15 PM (GST), 19 PM (CST).

FIFA 19 10% off: HALLOF19
Path of Exile 15% off: HALLOPOE
World of Warcraft 10% off: HALLOWOW
Diablo 2 Classic 15% off: HALLOD2C
Diablo 2 LOD 20% off: HALLOD2L
Runescape 3 20% off: HALLORS3
Runescape Old School 15% off: HALLOSRS
Elder Scrolls Online 10% off: HALLOESO

Happy Halloween!

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Path of Exile -20%: EXILEOFF

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