How do I get prepared for delivery?

First of all make sure you have the required space for transferring the items you ordered. There is a currency tab available in the Path of Exile store which can store massive amount of currencies in just a single stash tab.
Unfortunately, the space of inventory is not unlimited that's why we ask you to have it emptied before accepting our trade request. The size of the inventory is 5x12 squares (60 total). If your order won't fit to the trade window, we will open up another so make sure to empty your inventory quickly.

The following items can be transferred with one trade:
-600 Exalted Orbs (10 per stack)
-600 Chaos Orbs (10 per stack)
-600 Orb of Alchemy (10 per stack)
-1200 Gemcutter's Prism (20 per stack)
-1200 Orb of Fusing (20 per stack)
-1200 Jeweller's Orb (20 per stack)
-1200 Cartographer's Chisel (20 per stack)
-1800 Orb of Scouring (30 per stack)
-2400 Orb of Regret (40 per stack)
-2400 Scrolls (40 per stack).

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