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MuleFactory is has been formed in 2007 by a few gamers with a goal to serve the community's needs by helping them to obtain their in-game items easier. At first we focused on Diablo 2 items but as many major titles appeared, we also adopted to other games.

When the company was formed we decided on a name that is easy to memorize and is not common. The mule refers to the way of our Diablo 2 delivery, through mule accounts. The factory is a reference to the quick and flawless way of delivering goods, just like in a factory.

After Diablo 2, we set on eyes on Guild Wars series, then Diablo 3, Path of Exile and FIFA. Currently we are one of the biggest shops you can find on the market, but our passion makes us different.

We are active players from all around the world. When you contact us you can be sure that there is another gamer reciving your message and your case will be handled with outstanding care. Don't hesitate to contact us at any time when something comes up, we are available and ready to help you 24/7.

We currently employ over 30 people, mostly from Europe and the United States. MuleFactory, as of 2018 has over 203 030 registered users and 850 thousand orders completed.


Fantastic service, quickly completed order and on top of that cheap as well..

José Lucas Freitas
José Lucas Freitas:

Nora is the awesome atendent..

Russell Oliver
Russell Oliver:

super fast delivery on items!!! would recommend to any of my friends.

Abbott Hodnett
Abbott Hodnett:

Very fast with all my needs, thank you very much ;D.

Kilian Hoppenener
Kilian Hoppenener:

Definitely recommended! Just tried this for the first time; response after payment was near-instant, their method was very no-nonsense, and service was quick and easy. Definitely recommended!.

Robin Gentzel
Robin Gentzel:

Experience with mule factory. rly quick responsive at live support and pretty quick delivery aswell 5/5 are more than correct here.


Best store ever.


All ways deliver quick and help line is very helpful.

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