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MuleFactory is has been formed in 2007 by a few gamers with a goal to serve the community's needs by helping them to obtain their in-game items easier. At first we focused on Diablo 2 items but as many major titles appeared, we also adopted to other games.

When the company was formed we decided on a name that is easy to memorize and is not common. The mule refers to the way of our Diablo 2 delivery, through mule accounts. The factory is a reference to the quick and flawless way of delivering goods, just like in a factory.

After Diablo 2, we set on eyes on Guild Wars series, then Diablo 3, Path of Exile and FIFA. Currently we are one of the biggest shops you can find on the market, but our passion makes us different.

We are active players from all around the world. When you contact us you can be sure that there is another gamer reciving your message and your case will be handled with outstanding care. Don't hesitate to contact us at any time when something comes up, we are available and ready to help you 24/7.

MuleFactory offers services for different online games which helps players catch up that don't have sufficent time to play. These services have different prices as their completion requires different amount of time. When paying for a service, you pay for the time invested and MuleFactory does not responsible of selling in-game items which during the service, always remains the property of the game studios.

MuleFactory completes services by hand controlled activities that does not involve third party programs nor automatization on any way that would otherwise affect the economy of the games in question.

Pictures and videos shown on MuleFactory's website are strictly for demonstration to show how the item we are getting for you will look like. This media content on the website also remains the property of the owners and are being used for informational purposes only.

tristankabe reviewed MuleFactory

Mulefactory.comHonestly the most amazing website for FIFA and another of my favourites World of Warcraft. I messed up an order for coins and listed the players incorrectly. I went to the live chat and asked if I could redo it and in 3 minutes I had my coins. I wasn't charged extra or anything like other FIFA websites might make you. Amazing customer service and trusted too, they don't scam you. Also cheap, which is always good ;).

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Livinq Leqend
Livinq Leqend:

Really goodI just can say its a very good support. Fast and easy. :).

Raoul Stefanescu
Raoul Stefanescu:

Very good support from Lisa... :).

Þói Juhasz
Þói Juhasz reviewed MuleFactory

Diablo 3 RoS leveling serviceBought a leveling service and they sure did deliver. Had another account so I could see the progress from the friends list. No break-times, constant XP gain, delivered within the estimated time.Great service actually, and rather cheap..

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خالد الشهري
خالد الشهري reviewed MuleFactory

goood. Everything you have good. Express deliveryPrices are cheap compared to other sitesTechnical support is very responsive and fastAnd the system of the site to have a much better than other sitesI hold this to you.

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Raymond Horton
Raymond Horton:

very timely service, will do business again.


I had a good experience with jasmine she provided me with good advice to getting what i needed.

Carlos Perez Nieto
Carlos Perez Nieto:

fast and clean all perfect.

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