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Counter Strike - Game basics in 5 minutes. Last modified: 2018.06.11

Counter Strike (or in short CS) is a multiplayer shooter game where two teams face each other to complete or deny different missions. Steam client is required to play CSGO.

Counter Strike has started as a modification of Half-Life and it has been developed by two players, and then picked up by Valve Corporation. In 2004, CS became a stand-alone game with Counter Strike: Condition Zero, which focused on single player experience instead of multiplayer experience. Later that year, Valve released Counter Strike: Source which was the remake of the original mod with different game modes but on a much better graphics engine called Source.

In 2012, Valve released Counter Strike: Global Offensive, which became much popular, running on an updated Source engine. This game features the classic and new maps, game modes and characters. Just like the popular CS Source, this game also focuses on multiplayer experience. The two opposing forces are Terrorists and Counter-Terrorist trying to succeed their mission or deny the enemy’s mission. The two official game modes are Bomb and Hostage scenario, and can beplayed by 10 players in 2 parties.

The bomb is being defused by a Counter-Terrorist

In Bomb scenario, the goal of the Terrorist forces is to plant and set a bomb, and then defend the bomb from Counter-Terrorists to defuse it until it ticks down. In Hostage scenario, the sides are turned, the Terrorists have to defend their hostages and hinder the Counter-Terrorists to rescue them. The team that takes the first 16 rounds wins the game. There is a mission timer for every round which is usually between 2 and 3 minutes. If the time is up, the defending party wins the round.

At the start of each round, you can use your money to buy weapons, grenades and armour that will help you during your mission, but be very careful. Running into a few bullets can quickly lay you down, that is the difficulty in the game. Players can shoot through walls, which have been built from certain materials and corners, or your steps can be heard if you are rushing somewhere.

The developer of the game hosts tournaments, called majors, about 2-3 times a year. On these tournaments,the highest skilled players and teams also take part, who are competing for a huge Prize Pool and of course for a trophy. The Prize Pool of tournaments is usually crowdfunded by selling CSGO Keys and Cases in-game. Tournaments can be followed both in-game and outside it through streaming sites like Twitch, Youtube or Hitbox.

A collection of CSGO Skins from CSGO Case

Valve tries to keep up the players’ interest in the game with different Operations. These mostly include new maps but new weapon skins and stickers are also added. To unlock these features, you have to buy an Access Pass that lasts while the current Operation is on-going. Skins are also added quite often to the game, so players can have something new in the game from time to time. The most popular CSGO skins can also be found in our store, which is cheaper than Steam's Marketplace. These skins can come with StatTrak modifier that counts how many enemies you have already killed with that weapon. The quality, which indicates the wear of the item (Factory New, Battle-Scarred etc.), shows how close your skin to perfect condition is in terms of appearance. It has nothing to do with its accuracy or damage, it is purely cosmetic.

Gambling in CSGO also became a very popular part of the game. There are several sites around where you can bet on your favourite teams’ performance or simply bet your items on a coin flip.

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