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Diablo 2 - Game Basics. Last modified: 2018.06.13

Diablo II is one of the most popular hack and slash games which was released in 2000. The content has been completed with an expansion one year later which is called Lord of Destruction.

Diablo II is an extremely deep ARPG which has basics that are easy to learn but as you dive deeper into the game you discover that the game offers almost unlimited variations of crafting, gearing and modifications of your character.

The game takes place in Sanctuary where you are searching for Baal to destroy the Worldstone. During your journey you will encounter all the Prime Evils: Mephisto, Diablo and Baal. The game laid down the classic elements of ARPGs (Action Role Playing Game) which focuses on killing endless amount of enemies, collecting loot and clothing your character with better equipment. Diablo II offers wide variety of character modifications which includes unique skills for every single classes, several item qualities, the opportunity to have a mercenary on your side and choosing of character stats.

The original game has 5 character classes and it goes up to 7 with the expansion. Every characters are viable on their own with proper character builds and equipment but if you are just starting off we hardly suggest to choose a class that can keep up with the scaling of the end game. Choosing the proper school of magic to attack with can have great impact on this. The main elements are Fire, Cold, Lightning and Poison. There are some classes that use Magical and Physical damage sources. Most of the classes have options to pick two types of elements of offensive spells. Here is the list of each class’ element options.

•    Sorceress: Fire, Cold and Lightning
•    Amazon: Poison, Lightning and Physical
•    Barbarian: Physical and Magic
•    Assassin: Lightning, Fire and Physical
•    Druid: Fire, Cold, Poison and Physical
•    Paladin: Magic, Physical and Lightning
•    Necromancer: Magic, Physical and Fire

You will also have the option to choose if you are looking to create an Expansion, Ladder and Hardcore character. For a new player these terms require some explanation. The expansion character is going to have access to features of Lord of Destruction which contains the fifth Act of the game, customizable mercenaries, wider variety of item drops and in general, this is the game mode which is considered as the experience of the complete game.

Ladder characters can participate on the leaderboards where the highest level of characters are listed. This is by far the most popular game mode and it is highly recommended to keep it ticked. In Diablo II there is a ladder reset occasionally (about twice a year). This is the time of a fresh ladder start and every characters will be converted to non-ladder. Non-ladder characters cannot participate ont he leaderboards and cannot access the games of Ladder characters. This is also a way of market reset but still it is recommended to play on Ladder for more interactive gameplay when playing online.

When you create a character by default it will be created as Softcore. This means that you character can die endlessly, you will only lose some of your experience. If you decide to create a Hardcore character it will only have one single life and when it dies both the access of the character and your progress and items are lost. For new players this game mode is absolutely not recommended.

There are no classes that won’t have issues with immunities in certain areas on Hell difficulty. There are several ways to counter this issue by either gearing accordingly or to pick spells from different schools of magic. With every level you earned you are going to have a skill point to spend and there are also several quests that reward with additional points. If you feel like you messed up your skill points you can reset them once per difficulty once you completed the very first quest of the game, given by Akara.

The game offers wide variety of itemization options. The items drop in different qualities and they can go up from Normal (white coluored) through Unique (gold coloured). Unique items, as they name says provide unique bonuses when worn. This includes bonus skill points, resistances, faster cast rate, additional attributes and many other useful stats. If that is not enough you can also gather runes and complete runewords in the proper base of items. Some items drop socketed and gems, runes or jewels can be inserted into them to provide the bonus of the item you put in.

As you progress in the game you will have mercenaries which can also be geared with items that you found. The items can massively impact the effectiveness of your mercenary in terms of damage or durability.

The game provides great replayability so if you decide to try a different class do not hesitate to pick up another character. Every character has their own unique item builds but they can still be viable with items that are useful –but not a must- for every characters like the Harlequin Crest Shako, Enigma Runeword or Heart of the Oak Runeword. In our store you can find almost every single items from the game which can easily help you get through the hardship of Hell difficulty.

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