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Diablo 2 - Ladder Reset. Last modified: 2018.06.13

Diablo II Ladder Reset is just around the corner. Is this going to be your first reset? This guide will help you to understand what is a ladder about and what happens when it is reset.

The Diablo II Ladder Reset takes place about twice a year where all the Ladder characters, including items are transferred to non-ladder. Non-ladder character will not have access to Ladder games and cannot interact with Ladder characters.

This is considered as a market reset in Diablo II and is also a time when old players can come back to enjoy the good old Diablo II experience without having to worry about their in-game wealth as everyone starts empty handed and has an equal start.

In the night of a Ladder Reset the servers are unavailable for a few hours but when they come back you can create a new character for Ladder to start your brand new journey. The most popular "first characters" during a ladder are Sorceress' as they have the ability to quickly move around the map with Teleport spell, making bosses that drop the most valuable items easier to reach. The road is long until you get to Hell difficulty where these items begin to drop so the game encourages to play with your friends, making it a much easier task to complete the game properly. Once on Hell difficulty the endless farming of different bosses can begin.

Where to farm my starting gear?

In Act 1, Countess almost always drops a rune (up to Lo) and if you are lucky the rune you found will be high enough to sell or just simply to build a valuable runeword, like Heart of the Oak by it.
Andariel is known for dropping the most Rings and Amulets which can turn into a Stone of Jordan or Mara's Kaleidoscope at any time.
The Mausoleum (accessed from Burial Grounds) only has Lightning Immune enemies and is a level 85 area where any item can drop including Crown of Ages or The Grandfather.

In Act 2 there is only one single area that can be accessed easily and can yield in any item drops, The Ancient Tunnels which can be accessed from Lost City waypoint. If you are lucky enough you can either find a Griffon's Eye or Death's Fathom.

Act 3's most popular and dangerous place is by far Travincal which is the best place for gold finding, runes up to Ber (which is required for Enigma runeword) or unique items like Harlequin Crest Shako or War Traveler. Mephisto's also worth mentioning as this act boss also drops decent unique and set items like Arachnid Mesh or Tal Rasha's Wrappings.

Act 4 is more like a jackpot as it is very short and two areas (River of Flame and Chaos Sanctuary) out of 5 have the highest area levels, which means that on the end of this act you have a very good chance to find something useful like runes up to Cham or unique items like Shadow Dancer and Tyrael's Might.

In Act 5 only the areas including and after Worldstone Keep can yield with decent item drops but the monster density is not always good and sometimes the combination of elite packs can be deadly. If you decide to try your luck here you can find any runes in the game, even a Zod or any items including Wisp Projector, Windforce and Steelrend.

It is also worth to pick up gems in the beginning as many people like to reroll Grand Charms for a chance of a Skill GC (Skiller) with high life or other useful mods like Faster Hit Recovery.

The first few weeks of reset brings back the memories of old time's trade games and Baal runs until the prices of exceptional Unique items like Skin of the Vipermagi or Wizardspike are high enough to be decent trade materials.
We provide up to date Ladder selection for both the Lord of Destruction expansion or the classic game a few days after the reset with fast delivery so be sure to check it often as it gets updated frequently on the first few weeks.

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