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Diablo 3 - Basics - Crafting. Last modified: 2014.07.23

In the new crafting system of Diablo III the player uses Artisan NPCs to create new, random stat items from salvaged materials. It's like gamble was in Diablo II.

You can start upgrading your crafting skill from level 5 and there are two choices of professions. You can be jewelcrafter and blacksmith. The profession leveling is account bound so if you reach the maximum level (which is 10) you don't have to start over if you create a new character becase the new one still can use any of the crafting skills.

Since you can't craft the items by yourself you have to ask for an Artisan's help which can be found in any main cities.

Blacksmith materials can be obtained by salvaging items you found in your way. There are 4 different materials of each tier.
White and misc items cannot be salvaged.
By salvaging a magic (blue) item you get a magic material but you still have a chance to receive a rare (yellow) material.
Salvaging a rare item will always give you magic and rare materials and you have a chance to receive a legendary (brown) material.
Salvaging a legendary items will always give you legendary, rare and magic materials.

Jewelcrafter main materials are gems which can be found anywhere in the game.

Both professions need pages or tomes of blacksmith/jewelcrafting and tomes of secrets. Pages can be found in Nightmare, tomes of blacksmith/jewelcrafting can be found in Hell and tomes of secrets can be found in Inferno difficulty.

All receipts needs different materials. All of these materials can be found along your way. In the end game you can craft legendary items as well.

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