Basics - Nephalem Valor

Diablo 3 - Basics - Nephalem Valor. Last modified: 2014.07.23

Part of a new magic find system and it takes part of the game when you hit level 60. This buff is under development but currently killing a Rare or Champion monster pack gives you one stack of this spell. It can be stack up to 5 times and each stack increases your magic find by 15% so you can have +75% magic find total only by this buff.
The buff itself lasts for 30 minutes but if you kill a Rare or Champion monster pack the cooldown resets. This spell only appears on Hell and Inferno difficulty. If you are going to hunt for some nice loot you must gather the stacks of Nephalem Valor because it greatly increases the finding of Rare and Magic items.
The sad part is if you leave the game, change your skills or get disconnected the buff will be gone.
This buff also gives you gold find equal to the magic find.

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