Basics - Skills and Runestones

Diablo 3 - Basics - Skills and Runestones. Last modified: 2014.11.12
<p> As you level up you gain new skills which can be used for faster killing. You can only use 6 different skills together and their type and position can be unlocked by using Elective mode. Skills can be changed anytime but they will have 1 minute cooldown so you can't use them right after you changed. As you are getting stronger you will be able to use runes with the skills. They give additional damage or healing or other useful effect to the skill. These runes are automatically unlocked by leveling and each skill has 5 different runes with different effects. Runes can be freely changed and all of them has a 15 second cooldown before you'll be able to use it. Any modification in skills or runes will remove Nephalem Valor buff from your character forcing the player to use the same skill setup for every situations.</p>
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