Power Leveling Guide - Belial

Diablo 3 - Power Leveling Guide - Belial. Last modified: 2014.07.23

With this method you can get almost the same experience as Zoltun Kulle power leveling gave. You need one of your friends to help you, you can get x3 experience this way. This method only works on Softcore, you can easily die while do the quest.

-Enter Belial's dungeon with your friend.
-Kill Belial.
-When he is dead there is a soul remained, don't touch it yet.
-Leave the game while your friend holds the game and click resume game.
-Touch his soul and go to town to complete the next quest (you just have to talk with Tyrael).
-Go back to your friend's game.
-Wait until your friend leaves the game.
-When he left, touch the soul and go to town to complete the next quest.
-Your friend has to click resume game as well, follow him.
-Touch Belial's soul for the third time and you both can complete the quest.

With this method the level 1 to 60 leveling takes about 6-8 hours. The boss drop is not the best but don't forget, you only do this for the experience, not for the loot.
You can also increase the experience gain by inviting more friends.

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