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Diablo 3 - Witch Doctor Guide. Last modified: 2014.07.24

The witch doctor is one of the most interesting dps class in Diablo 3.
He has many utilities, pets, aoe spells and single target dps spells in his arsenal. This general guide will show you, how to maximize your character and reach level 60 with no problems!

So about the WD in general

-lot of crowd control spell
-very good party and solo spells
-lot of play style
-good defensive cds

-if not played well its very fragile
-low range aoe spells
-high mana cost spells
-pets (as they getting weak after nightmare)

How to build our WD while leveling?

In Normal difficulty you can play with every skills, they will execute every monster and you will have no problem at all.
However, I recommend that use:
-Poison Darts with Splinters rune
-Grasp of the dead with Unbreakable Grasp rune
-Zombie dogs with any rune

-Zombie Handler
-Jungle Fortitude
-Spiritual Attunement

Now you have a good single dps spell, an aoe slow and tank pets. You can choose freely the other 3 spells, because you wont have any problems in normal.

Okay, lets say that we are done with normal and willing to move to nightmare.
Things getting interesting here.
Our pets wont tank that much dmg as they did in normal, and poison darts wont be enough to finishing off monsters. What can we do about it?
Get new spells!

Lets change Poison Darts to Plague of toads with Rain of toads rune (level req. 35)

We still need Grasp of the dead and Zombie dogs, but we should use the:
Gargantuan with the Restless Giant rune too

On Nightmare the monsters hit relatively high, therefore I recommend to use our primary defensive spell, which will become a „MUST HAVE” spell on higher dificults:
Spirit Walk with Honored Guest rune

And for the last slot, the best support spell in the whole game:
Big Bad Voodoo with Rain Dance rune

For passives:
Use Spiritual Attunement, Spirit Vessel and Zombi Handler

With this build, you get more pets, defensive spell, a support champion/boss killer spell and a really good aoe spell. Nightmare is done, lets move to Hell!

You will experience two things when playing on Hell:
-The pets wont tank effectively anymore
-Plague of toads will getting worse and worse

How do we fix this?
First of all, remove all the pets, and instead them use our:
Fetish army with Devoted Following rune

These little bastards do a lot of damage and can tank fairly good. However, this spell only lasts for 20 seconds, and has a 90 seconds (with rune) CD, so use it carefully.

Secondly, Plague of toads. We have two choices to deal with this: either we use this spell until we are level 54 or using poison darts till we are 54.

What is so magical in level 54?
Zombi charger with Zombie Bears rune is our best AOE spell.

So after level 54, we will make a completly new build for our little WD
Primary spell: Zombie charger with Zombie Bears rune (aoe dmg)
Secondary spell: Grasp of the dead with Unbreakable Grasp rune (aoe slow and required for Vision Quest passive, will explain later)
Defensive: Spirit Walk with Honored Guest rune (defensive cd and required for Vision Quest)
Terror: Soul Harvest with Soul to Waste rune (for DPS boost and Vision Quest)
Decay: Big Bad Voodoo with Rain Dance rune (DPS boost, mana regeneration and Vision Quest)
Voodoo: Fetish Army with Devoted Following rune (tanky pets and Vision Quest)

VISION QUEST - the most important passive in this build, tons of mana regen
Spiritual Attunement - max mana + mana regen
Spirit Vessel - def passive

With this build, you wont have any problems to reach level 60 and Inferno! :)

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