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Diablo 3 - Wizard Guide. Last modified: 2014.07.24

Wizard is the most versatile character in Diablo III. It has many different abilites, you can focus on the survivability or dps and you can also mix them together.

About the Wizard in general:

-huge aoe damage
-crowd control spells
-easy to flee when low on hp

-extreme fragile without defensive skills
-boss kills might be slow, this character is the best against huge groups

Playing with Wizard can be easy if you use the right skills. All you need is a high DPS weapon and you won't have any problems with the monsters until Inferno.
While leveling use the following skill setups:
-Magic Missile (with Charged Blast rune)
-Arcane Orb (with Obliteration rune)

-Frost Nova (Any rune you prefer)
-Wave of Force (Any rune you prefer)
-Magic Weapon (Force Weapon rune)
-Diamond Skin (Crystal Shell rune)

For passives you must use Power Hungry and Glass Cannon as soon as they are available. The third one is up to you (I'd recommend Blur)

You can easily kill with Arcane Orb, if out of arcane power or you are fighting a boss use Magic Missile. In harder situation you can still put on your Diamond Skin and defend yourself with Frost Nova (can freeze Actbosses as well.) Make sure your Magic Weapon is ALWAYS active. It's really important!
You can change the Magic Missile to Shock Pulse with Piercing Orb rune when it is available and Wave of Force with to Archon. You are a real killing machine with it!

When you reach level 60 and about to move to Inferno you have to spend some gold on the Auction House to make sure you will survive. Since Inferno is really hard you have to practice a LOT for success.

Recommended Skills:
-Shock Pulse (with Piercing Orb rune)
-Arcane Orb (with Tap the Source rune)

-Frost Nova (with Deep Freeze or Bone Chill)
-Diamond Skin (with Crystal Shell) OR Energy Armor (with Prismatic Armor) is a huge All Resistance buff.
-Magic Weapon (with Force Weapon)
-Hydra (with Venom)

Passive spells:
-Critical Mass (with Frost nova and Diamond Skin its awesome)
-Glass Cannon
-Astral Presence or Power Hungry

With this setup you always have to make sure your Magic Weapon is active and before you fight use your Hydra and keep the monsters in range. When you are kiting (running away from monsters) it can still damage the monsters. It's also really useful while fighting a boss.
Don't forget; you have to practice a lot to make progress in Inferno so don't give up if you die some times.

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