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FIFA 17 - Card Types Explained. Last modified: 2018.06.11

In this year’s installment of FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, EA Sports have brought in several new card types on top of the old ones that have been in previous FIFA’s. In this article, we are going to go over what the, new types of cards are as well as the old ones.

For starters, every player has a default card that is either bronze, silver, or gold depending on the rating. Bronze cards have a rating that is 64 or less, silver cards have a rating that is between 65-74, and gold cards are rated 75 or higher. There are rare and non rare cards for each card type and rare cards are the bright, shiny cards. Next there are Team of the Week (TOTW) cards. A new team of the week is announced every Wednesday, and the players who make the totw are players who had a great performance the previous weekend. TOTW players receive a special black, inform card card that has it’s stats boosted compared to its regular card. The two ways you can get a TOTW card is: 1) You can open packs and potentially pack an inform while the current TOTW is up or 2) You could purchase the TOTW card from the ultimate team market place. The high rated Team of the Week cards are more expensive, so if you need any cheap FIFA 17 coins to obtain these cards visit our store!

One of the several new cards this year in ultimate team are Ones to Watch (OTW). OTW cards were given to players who transferred to a new club over the Summer 2016 transfer window. OTW cards act as a player's normal card until they get an inform card in TOTW. When that player gets a TOTW card, their OTW card is automatically upgraded to the same stats as their inform card. OTW cards are useful to buy because if that player gets an inform and you already have the OTW card, you don’t need to buy their inform card.

Special cards that have been in Ultimate Team since FIFA 12 are Team of the Year cards (TOTY). Team of the Year cards are typically dark blue and they are awarded to the 11 players who made FIFA’s Team of the Year for that particular year. TOTY cards have the highest stat boosts out of any card types which makes them very popular. TOTY cards are very expensive since they are typically awarded to some of the best players in the game, and the significant upgrades make them some of the best players your Ultimate Team. If you’re looking to purchase a TOTY card but don’t have the coins, check out our shop for FIFA 17 coins!

The next special card that is brand new this year are Squad Building Challenges (SBC) cards. SBC cards are given to players to a variety of reasons ranging from two rival teams facing off on the weekend, to players who won the player of the month award for the English Premier League. To obtain these special cards, you must build a squad, or squads, that meet the requirements set by EA. Once you complete the requirements you are rewarded the SBC card.

Another unique card in ultimate team are Man of the Match (MOTM) cards and they are awarded to players who had a notable impact in an important game such as a cup final. These cards are bright orange and receive upgrades similar to a TOTW card. MOTM cards are typically released a few hours after a big game and the players remain in packs for only 24 hours.

Following that are Team of the Season (TOTS) cards that are released at the end of each season, and they are awarded to players who had an excellent season. All of the major leagues in Europe receive TOTS cards such as the Premier league, Serie A, and the Bundesliga. TOTS cards have very significant upgrades similar to TOTY, but TOTS is second to TOTY when it comes to upgrades.

Lastly, two unique card types have been released so far to bring holiday festivities to FIFA. The first being Scream Cards which were released a few days prior to Halloween. The players were chosen based on exceptional real world performances, records and FUT attributes. The cards received a small initial upgrade, but from Oct 28 - Nov 1 the cards received a terrifying temporary stat boost.

For the month of November, EA released movember cards to raise awareness for men's health. The players who were awarded movember cards received a small upgrade. All in all, these are the special cards that are currently in Ultimate team, but you can expect EA to release new special cards in the future.

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