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FIFA 17 - Formations and player positions. Last modified: 2018.06.11

In the previous FIFA 17 article we talked about the basics of ultimate teams and how it works. Today is the day to dig deeper into the game. This time we’ll go over formations and which players fit in certain positions.

First and foremost is formations. Which formation you pick should reflect your preferred style of play. Do you like to play quick, counter-attacking football? Then I would suggest youplayer with any of the variations of the 4-3-3. Or if you rather play at a slower pace and focus on build up play to create quality chances, I’d suggest you use either variation of 4-2-3-1 formation. If you don’t like either of those formations or their variations, I suggest you try one of the many formations that are availa ble in the game and implement your preferred play style. For new players I would recommend staying from the formations that have 3 or 5 defenders since the former leaves your defence vulnerable and the latter lacks in attacking capabilities. After you’ve picked your preferred formation, it’s time to choose which players you want to use for your FIFA 17 Ultimate Team.

All formations. Click to expand.

Starting with the goalkeepers (GK), the stats that are most important are diving, reflexes, positioning and handling. All of these stats dictate how well your goalie can protect your goal. Kicking and Speed are added bonuses if your goalie already excels in the 4 important stats. The higher rated keepers go for a lot of FIFA coins, so if you want one of the best goalkeepers in your team you should visit our shop for FIFA17 coins on the best price.

The next part of the defence are the center backs (CB). The key stats to look for are their defending, pace and physical. These stats are important because they dictate a defenders ability to catch up with the attackers, and push them of the ball or to dispossess them. Passing and dribbling are added bonuses if your center back excels in the 3 key stats. Shooting isn’t that important since centerbacks don’t normally get into good shooting positions.

Now onto the wing backs (LB, RB, LWB, RWB). The stats to look for are their pace, passing, dribbling, and defending. In FIFA, fullbacks are constantly running up and down the pitch, and their key 4 stats help them aid in the attack, as well as protecting your goal. Good shooting and physical are extra benefits that a wingback can have that help in defending and attacking.

Now that we’ve went over the defence, it’s time to look at the midfielders (CDM, CM,CAM). Starting with the center defensive midfielder (CDM) there are 2 basic types of CDMs. First are the short, pacy players that roam in front of your back line, running around chasing the attackers and trying to win the ball back. The other type of CDMs are the tall, strong players who sit in front of your back line and attack as extra center backs who help move the ball up the pitch. For the center midfielders (CM) you want to purchase players with well rounded stats, with emphasis on dribbling and passing, as they need to be able to help the defense, as well as be able to play a good ball to the attackers. Lastly the center attacking midfielders (CAM) are players that you want be able to play the final the key pass for your strikers to score off of, and to score the occasional goal. Look for players who have good shooting, dribbling, and passing because they’re important stats for a CAM to have to create opportunities and score goals. The top midfielders in the game cost a lot, so if you need cheap FIFA coins fast remember to visit are store!

The next players to look at are the wingers (LM, RM, LW, RW, LF, RF). You should buy players who have have high pace and dribbling, along with decent passing and shooting. A helpful tip is to use right-footed players on the left side of the pitch and left-footed players on the right side so it is easier to cut in and shoot on their dominant foot. Use wingers to get in behind your opponent's defense and to play a ball to your striker, or to get in behind and take a shot.

Finally we are on to the strikers. In FIFA17 there are two types of strikers: 1, A pacy striker with good dribbling that has the ability to take on defenders and get in behind and 2, a tall and strong striker that acts as a target man who helps in the build up play and receives the final pass that leads to a goal. If you’re using a single striker formation, I’d recommend you use a striker that suits your play style. If you’re using a 2 striker formation I’d recommend using both types of strikers to take advantage of both their abilities. The higher rating a striker has, the better they perform in game, so if you’re looking for cheap FUT coins remember to visit our store!

These FIFA 17 players are cheap, yet highly recommended for their respective positions.

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