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FIFA 18 - Building the best team. Last modified: 2018.06.11

In FIFA 18, having the best players doesn’t always necessarily guarantee you the win. That’s why it’s essential that you build the best team possibly available to you, which fits your playing style.

Having better players does help, however, this will not guarantee that you win every game just because you have the players with the best rating. Different players need to be utilised depending on your playstyle, for example, if you play possession-based football, the fastest players may not be the best should you want to succeed.

What is Chemistry in FIFA 18?

If you’re new to FIFA, you may not be familiar with the term “Chemistry”. Chemistry is a feature in Ultimate Team which decides how well your players play together. There are two types of Chemistry in FIFA, both of which make up an overall Chemistry rating which can be found under your overall team rating when creating your squad.

The key terms that you need to remember are:

  • Individual Player Chemistry - a rating out of 10 for each player in your squad.
  • Team Chemistry - a rating out of 100 for your whole team.
  • Chemistry Styles - cards which you can buy from the Transfer Market or find in packs which will affect which stats are increased on your card.

The higher your chemistry on both your individual players and teams will drastically affect how they perform in game. The lower the chemistry, the worse they will perform, so this is important to remember before jumping into a game of Ultimate Team.

Ensuring you have 100 team Chemistry can be a tricky task if you are not familiar with squad building in Ultimate Team, however, there are a few things to remember when building your squad, such as:

If two players are from the same league or nation, they will get a link (orange line connecting the two).

If two players are from the same club and placed next to each other in the squad, they will get a strong link of chemistry. (green line connecting the two).

If two players are not from the same club but are from the same nation and league, they will get a strong link of chemistry.

If two players are from the same club, league, and nation they will get a perfect link (green line connecting the two).

If you remember these rules when building your squad, you will slowly start to understand how to piece your teams together and ensure that your team is not affected by poor chemistry.

Choosing Your Formation

In FIFA 18, you can choose from over 20+ different formations in Ultimate Team but only a few should be considered in the new game. When starting Ultimate Team, you will be taught the basics such as chemistry, buying players and much more. It’s important to consider all these factors before choosing your formation.

When starting out in FIFA, the classic 4-4-2 will be your best bet to build your ultimate starter squad and ensure you start to get a feel for the game without heavily affecting your record.

The simplicity of the formation will allow you to get a basic grasp of your playing style and help you understand how Chemistry works in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.

However, if you’ve been playing FIFA 18 since launch, the 4-4-2 may not be the best option available to you. We would suggest taking a look at the following formations; 4-3-2-1, 4-3-1-2. 4-4-3 (4) and the 4-4-3 (2). With the numerous updates that FIFA has had over the past couple of weeks, it’s these formations which have provided the most success for FIFA players this year.

How Do I Choose The Right Players For me?

Once you’ve got a grasp of Chemistry and you’ve chosen your formation, it’s important to decide on what style of football you will play.

You should build your team around what playstyle suits you best, for example, if you’re going to play on the counter, you should ensure that you’ve chosen a wide formation and chosen 3 players with a lot of pace to lead your line or if you like to play possession-based football, you should choose players with high passing and a high psychical stat.

Which players you use is up to you, different players work well for different people and what we may suggest, may work for us, but not for you.

In conclusion, you should build your team around what you feel most comfortable playing, rather than copying someone else's team or tactics as this will not allow you to become a better FIFA player. Building a reliable team does not always requires master skills but coins, which can be found in our FIFA coin shop on a friendly price.

This mixed with using the best players in the game will ensure you win and ensure that you become a better FIFA player.

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