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With the festive period well under way, we're just around the corner from FUTMAS. FUTMAS is an annual event which became more prominent in FIFA 17 with EA releasing new pack offers, new Squad Building Challenges and so much more.

In this post, we'll be taking a look at what FIFA players should expect over the next couple of weeks and the key dates that you need to keep in mind.

When Does FUTMAS Start?

As explained, FUTMAS is a festive promotion which EA release every year. Last year saw the release of daily squad building challenges, new pack offers and so much more. This promotion runs alongside the 18 Days of FIFA and is typically the final promotion before Team of the Year which is set to be released in January.

FUTMAS is due to start on the 15th of December and from that point, we should see daily promotions in FIFA ultimate team. 

One the 25th of December has passed, FUTMAS will continue. However, the promotions will not be as good as those prior to the date of the 25th of December. 

What Can We Expect This Year?

In previous editions of the game, FUTMAS hasn't always been a popular event. The promotion only started to become a major event last year in FIFA 17. 

Taking a look at last year, we could expect a various amount of promotions such as:

  • Free packs in FIFA 18
  • Lightning rounds
  • Daily squad building challenges
  • Improved coin rewards for completing games
  • Improved rewards from FUT champions
  • Daily gifts

With this information in mind, it's important to prepare for the FUTMAS event, if you are not prepared, you risk wasting your coins.

How To Prepare For FUTMAS in FIFA 18

There are several ways that you can prepare for FUTMAS. The first, and the easiest way, would be to take a look back at what EA has done in previous editions of the game. This will give you an idea of what to expect over the promotion. This will also allow you to spend your coins wisely in different investments to ensure you are ready when the inevitable does happen.

Once you've made you have researched what has happened previously, this will allow you to spend your coins wisely when the promotion actually starts. 

However, the best way to prepare for any event in FIFA 18 , without a doubt, is to buy coins. Buying coins ensures that you do not have to put any extra work into hours of trading or wasting money on packs by buying FIFA points.

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