5 New Features Coming to FIFA 19


With FIFA 19 just around the corner, more and more new gameplay features are being leaked all over the internet. In this blog post, we'll be listing 10 new features coming to FIFA 19 which will improve your gaming experience. With these new additions, all of the game modes in FIFA should improve including career mode, ultimate team, pro clubs and more.

New Full Back Mechanics

To combat this EA have now added a secondary in game cursor which is the colour grey. This will be a cursor that you can use to actually pick your secondary player which will make defending a lot easier.

New Mini Map System

The mini map could potentially be one of the most underutilised features in the game. At times, the players kits actually clash on the mini map and using it as a visual aid to guide your attacking and defending can prove difficult at times.

EA have also addressed this issue by adding brand new player shapes for the mini map in games. Now, the enemy team will display as a triangle rather than the familiar circle. For those who have trouble differentiating between colours, this will be a promising addition.

In Depth Custom Tactics

This will add an element of realism that is currently lacking from the game.

Could we see more new features in FIFA 19? We'll have to wait and see!

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