FIFA Pro players are forbidden to use top players in FUT


If you've watched any of the FIFA 19 eSports before, you'll know that the best FIFA players usually have the best teams in Ultimate Team. Filled with the creme de la creme of Ultimate Team, all of this is about to change. 

Currently, there are no restrictions to what players can be used at these events. And at any event previously, each account that players use will have all players in Ultimate Team available to them. Without restrictions on which cards can be used in these tournaments, there is a disparity between the cards that you see in each game played. 

The difference between some teams can actually be quite surprising. Regardless of the fact that all players are usable in these tournaments, patterns usually emerge with the team that are being used and it ultimately comes down to, who's spent the most, and who hasn't.

Overall the community is happy with this decision. The community feels that this will provide balance going into the later events of the year. The change will also provide more entertainment for viewers, meaning that different teams will be used by the pros, rather than just the overpowered ones. 

Regardless of these restrictions in the pro scene, there doesn't seem to be any change for the competitive game mode that has gotten so many to these events, meaning that, if you want to build the best team available you're more than welcome to. The best way to get these players is to buy coins from MuleFactory. Our service ensures that you can build the best team in FIFA. 

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