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To obtain Elite 1 a players must win 34 or more games out of the 40 and the rewards include 125k coins, 2 premium TOTW packs, 2 jumbo rare player packs, and automatic qualification for the next weekend league. Players who manage to rank within the top 100 players in FUT Champions qualify for amazing monthly rewards. The best of the best players in FUT Champions may qualify for real life tournaments to compete for prizes at the FUT Championship series and the FIFA Interactive World Cup.

To excel in the weekend league it is important to build a strong team in a formation that you are comfortable with, and with players you are comfortable using. If you need cheap FIFA coins to build your ideal team visit our shop! It is also important to remain composed and focused and to not get frustrated while you’re playing. Frustration can cause you to make simple mistakes which may lead to a potential loss. If you do lose a game it is critical to accept it and move on to avoid falling into a losing streak, which hinders your chances of getting better rewards.

If you want to practice in-game skills such as passing, shooting, and dribbling I suggest you check out the skill games that can be found on the main menu of Fifa. For the shooting drills, if you are looking to practice your finishing I suggest you play the advanced shooting skill challenge since it offers a variety of different scenarios for players to practice their finishing. I would also recommend checking out the free kick and penalty drills if you are looking to improve your game in those areas. For passing I’d recommend going through all of the different categories and drills since they will all improve your gameplay. Finally for dribbling I recommend trying all of the different drills since they all improve your dribbling by putting you through multiple different scenarios.

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