Ronaldo's departure from Real Madrid

FIFA 19 - Ronaldo's departure from Real Madrid. Last modified: 2018.07.29

With the release of FIFA 19 around the corner, EA will be hoping that the launch of the new game will be as smooth as possible. However, with the potential transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus on the horizon, this could be a huge problem for EA. This will not only be a huge change in terms of football itself, but the change will also undoubtedly make a difference in terms of the upcoming edition of FIFA.

Here are a few things EA may need to consider moving into the release of FIFA 19 with such a huge transfer potentially on the cards.

How does this affect FIFA 19?

For FIFA 19, we're all aware that the cover star is going to be Cristiano Ronaldo. However, if he choose to make the switch to Juventus for the upcoming season, EA will have to change their entire marketing strategy to accommodate the star's move. The focus in their reveal trailers has been on Ronaldo playing for Real Madrid but this may be changed should he make the switch.

A quick solution however would be to change the cover star to someone new, perhaps a player like Neymar or Messi. This would be a controversial decision from EA but may be the only option as we get closer to the release of FIFA 19. Another option would be to slightly edit the cover to include Ronaldo in a Juventus shirt which shouldn't be too much of a problem for EA should they opt for this.

Secondly, and most importantly, a change in clubs for Ronaldo will drastically change the storyline for the year's edition of The Journey. This year is the last instalment of The Journey and sets up to be one of the biggest. The story ark will focus mainly on Alex Hunter's move to a top european club focussing on the Champions League as mentioned in a recent EA interview.

In previous editions of the game, we have been following the story of Alex Hunter, his development and career. The Journey Season 3 has been created to follow his journey to joining Real Madrid as the last season on The Journey finished on this cliff hanger. Alex Hunter is planned to play and train alongside Ronaldo, however, if Ronaldo moves to Juventus, The Journey Season 3 could potentially be ruined and may even not be included in the new game next year if there is too much to change in such a short amount of time.

EA still have some time to make some changes however in the run up to FIFA 19 but we may not see anything too drastic. One solution would be to incorporate Ronaldo's move into The Journey somehow. Whether this shows Alex Hunter moving to Juventus as well is yet to be seen. But one thing is for sure, EA have some thinking to do.

There is no doubt that there are exciting times on the way in FIFA, however, with a move this big, and with so much going into the focus on Ronaldo in the new game. This move could prove very problematic with EA and maybe even delay the game.

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