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A few years ago, the suggestion of a “virtual reality” concept in FIFA would be laughed at. However, with the new game just around the corner, VR in FIFA 19 could be a very real possibility.

According to Eurogamer, Nate Mitchell, the creator of VR described FIFA and VR as a “perfect fit” which has lead to some news outlets confirming that this could very well be added to the new game.

In the interview with Eurogamer he said: “You can imagine sitting in the stands and confetti is raining down… The four of us are sitting right next to each other and we're controlling the players on the field - that would be an awesome VR experience”.

With over 21 million dedicated VR headsets expected to be sold by 2020, there's a very strong possibility of FIFA jumping on the VR hype train. And with the release of the new dedicated PlayStation VR headset released not too long ago, we could be seeing VR using in conjunction with FIFA 19 a lot earlier than we originally thought.

How Would Virtual Reality Work in FIFA 19?

There are so many different ways that VR could work in FIFA 19. The first, and most obvious, would be to actually control individual players on the pitch and see the game through their eyes. This would surely be the mode that everyone would want. However, EA's Sebastian Enrique told Trusted Reviews that they “haven't found something that beats the experience when you have a controller in your hands”. So as promising as that mode sounds, it sounds as though EA still want to keep the controller involved if the addition of VR is added into FIFA.

Where VR could work best would be through a new camera angle. This could essentially place the player in a brand new camera angle, more than likely within the stand. This would then allow the player to see all of the pitch and actually improve some gameplay as you would be able to plan moves out more effectively when play FIFA.

What Could Go Wrong?

As many people would agree, EA don't always necessarily handle the execution of new features all that well. Take a look at the start of FIFA 18 for example, EA released the new game and within a matter of days patched the game to play completely different.

EA themselves do acknowledge however that they don't always get things right and this could potentially hinder the playing experience should VR be added into FIFA 19.

As Enrique explains: “It's tricky, the problem is that you still have lag. When you play a game like FIFA it really depends on the reaction time and on reading the game”.

This would certainly apply to online modes, however the option to trial VR in FIFA 19 in single player modes could be more than doable, this would then give EA more time to perfect their VR experience before FIFA 20.

Is FIFA 19 going to have VR? We certainly hope so!

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